girlfriend got drunk

On night out your girlfriend gets drunk and need some tips to handle her? Some tips that will surely help you in handling your girlfriend.

Drinking nowadays has become common spot for fun and to release the stress. There are two kinds of people-

1) Who can hold liquor and ;

2) Who gets knocked out within some shots of liquor.

If there is a case where your girlfriend gets drunk with too many and here, you are the nominated driver and your girlfriend is the traveler and to make sure that you both reach home safely, some tips need to be followed !!!

Typical things you can actually expect from a girl who cannot hold liquor because many things happen when a girl gets drunk:-girlfirend drink shots

It starts with illusions where she thinks herself a rescuer or she just lost her common sense lead to unsettled stomach. She likes to dance more and more or talking on topics that can actually make her cry or may sleep after getting too high. People around her seem intimate whether they are or not so. They even didn’t care about their looks, and their self-consciousness also disappeared. It may be possible that she may puke and then faint.

Alcohol is something which can make impossible and ill logical things happen.

#What to do:drunken girlfriends

Be harmless, watchful and keep all the madness away.

In case your girlfriend is drunk too much in party, as a responsible companion your foremost liability is to not to let her drunk that much or if no choice left then you drink in limit and don’t let loose consciousness of yours. Being in a relationship with a girl, you are appointing yourself as her knight on white charger. The top priority in that situation is your girl. You might feel that this effort cost you a lot but hey you promised that you are the one who will clean her mess and let her know that you are loyal and trustworthy with whom she can hang out and have night out.

But why she was drunk last night? It may be possible that she has something inside that let her drink that many shots. Go have a talk and figure out why she reacted like that . Is she angry? Is she hiding anything? May be negative thoughts crossed her minds. Try to clear all her negativity.


Main concern when you play role of responsible boyfriend in case your girlfriend is drunk

    • Don’t let her drink more alcoholFirst and foremost step would be to stop her from drinking further before she vomits or fell on ground and hurt herself.
    • She didn’t lose any of her clothes by end: Watch out for her clothes whatever she was wearing before leaving home, caring all of it or not. As she is drunk and lost her conscious mind so you need to take care that she is wearing all of it by the end of party and reach home safely.
  • Keep her away from all craziness like- indulging herself in catfight or with her drunken colleagues etc. because many a time’s people do involve themselves in such a thing in their unconscious mind on minor issue or unimportant topics which can create chaos for all.
  • She reaches home safely and let her not drive home herself. Drunk and drive is a moral hazard which can give you serious trouble better drop her home and not let her drive home to avoid hazardous accidents.

girlfriendIt is important that you know the amount of liquor that might hit you and your mate. Prevention is best for safety and fun when you go out kick drinks.

Will try to build a world with better relationships but can’t do without your response.

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