By the time Whatsapp owned by Mark zuckerberg; huge changes have been made to Whatsapp. They introduced read feature to it – most of girls are happy with this feature ? , while most of boys suffers ?

The best thing they would have done to this app is providing a web version of it, so that you can use Whatsapp through your desktop easily.

web-whatsapp increases the overall flexibility to Whatsapp as it allows user to connect their account by scanning a QR code from your smartphone, BOOM!! and you are connected!

The problem with previous web version of Whatsapp:

In previous version of whasapp you are not allowed to change your status, your display picture and there were problems in managing group chat i.e. archiving a chat or deleting it.

So basically in web-Whatsapp there were no control of users on their accounts and it was just basic form of Whatsapp in which user is only allowed to chat and can see their friends DP or status.

Also there were server problems noticed by users in which there was delay in synchronization of messages and sometimes some messages does not syncs at all.

Updated web-version of whatapp:

In new update of its web version user can change their status, display picture and can manage their account easily by managing their group conversations and chat too. some User interface changes are also made.

From settings icon user can now access to options like archiving and deleting their on going chats.

No synchronization error is notice by this time. Additionally user can now abandon, archive and mute group chat too.

So from this update user can now have more control over their account.

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