Most of us has watched Star Wars movie either in theatre or in a our home, which is about aliens who are fighting with each other for galaxies.

But why am I telling you all this?

Yeah I know, there is nothing new in it, but hey, have ever watched it’s ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) version on your Operating system and that too using Telnet – a network protocol.

So if you haven’t watched it yet then you certainly try it now!

You can watch this in any operating system that has telnet protocol, and another thing you need is internet connection (do not bother about your internet speed).

ASCII version of Star wars

For windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux users:

  1. Go to start, open run ( for windows user only)
  2. Now type “telnet”,(type this without using quotes) and hit enter. There is no need of step one for MAC OS X and Linux users, as it can be directly executed in the terminal window.

For windows 8, 8.1, vista and windows 7 users:

In latest version of windows Telnet is turned off by default, so telnet must be enabled before you can watch Star Wars.

How to enable TELNET to watch Star Wars?

To enable Telnet:

  1. Go to control panel, then programs
  2. Now click, turn windows features on or off
  3. Now check both the TELNET options (i.e. Telnet Client and Telnet Server)

ASCII version of Star wars

  1. Now go to start again and type Telnet, hit enter
  2. “telnet.exe” command prompt window appears, in which 1st you have to type ‘o’, (without quotes) and press enter
  3. Now type “”, in front of <to>, (without quotes) and hit enter.

ASCII version of Star wars

  1. Now enjoy

Now if you don’t need telnet protocol anymore, then turn it off by the going to, control panel > options > Turn windows features on or off > uncheck both the options.

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I do enjoyed this ASCII version of Star Wars and I know you would have too.