It is very easy to find a high quality photographs for your commercial purposes in Google images, right? But have you ever wondered whether those images are safe to use for your blogs, website or for editing purpose? We need images every time, for our blog post, for website, for SEO purpose, for editing image to use somewhere and you often heard peoples saying that you need not to be a photographer or spend money on images, but these statements are valid up to some google images are safe for commercial use

It is illegal to use those images that are copyrighted and you cannot use those images without the permission of the owner or without purchasing the licence for that image.

Suppose you just downloaded an image from Google images and wrote an amazing blog post, wishing that lots of people will like it. You wake up next morning, checked your mail box in which a threatening mail has arrived regarding the usage of their image illegally on your blog. They can pose a $1000s penalty for using the image illegally, but nobody wants this!

Don’t panic! You can still use Google images to get your image, by using different and smarter way. Google allows two types of searches, normal search and advanced search, what you will do next time when you browse for an image to use anywhere just filter the results and you will get images that are free for commercial use and are royalty free.

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How to use advance search in Google images to get images for free

All possible results are popped up in front of you when you use Google images. So does it mean that you have to choose manually which image is royalty free and which one is not…? Absolutely not! Google provides easy and interesting ways by which we can filter all the results.

Steps for getting free Google images:

  1. Do a normal search for the image that you want


how to use google images safely

  1. For example, I randomly search for “German shepherds”. Then go to settings and then advanced search.

Google Images

  1. In advanced window there will be two sections. First section is “find image with”, in which you may or may not fill anything, this section is about what type of image you want to search and another section is “then narrow your results by” in which you will scroll down to “usage rights” and set it as “free to use, share or modify, even commercially”. By this filter you are basically telling the Google that you want a free to use and share image that you want for commercial purpose.

Google Images

  1. Then click on “advanced search” and Google will shows you the results of images that are absolutely free to use.

Google Images

Hope you learn something new guys. If you have any query or want to give feedback then comment below.