VLC media player is full of tricks, you can convert, resize and cut video with it and you can play video of any format using this player.

Now in this article i am going to provide you another cool VLC media player trick that you can show to your friends and can have lots of fun (change these settings on your friends computer and tell them that their video card is damaged ? )

At the end of this article you will be aware of how to convert any video to it’s ASCII version, this trick is just as cool as the ASCII version of star wars in command prompt, the only difference is that the output of former will be colored.

output video from VLC media player in ASCII form

Lets convert videos in ASCII form using VLC media player:

  1. Open VLC media player
  2. Press ctrl + P to open preferences (or go to tools then select preferences at the end of drop down list)VLC media player
  3. Now click on “video” in the left panel
  4. Then under “videos settings“, in “output section open drop down menu by simply clicking on it.
  5. Now select “color ASCII art video output“, now click save – to save the settings
  6. Close VLC media player. Now open it again and play any video, the output video will be in ASCII form

Now this might not work well in older version of VLC media player, you can download its new version from their official website

If you want to play video normally, then again go to preferences and in output section under video settings choose “automatic” – video will now plays normally as before.

Now can you tell me what exactly which video i have converted (in first image)? The clue is – its a popular, funny English song, and was released on 16 September 2011.