Facebook messenger

Facebook consistently improves the user interface to make it more interactive and user friendly and now on Wednesday Facebook announced another amazing news : You do not need to have Facebook account to use Facebook messenger –  so you can just log into messenger and start using it, all you need to have a mobile number and you are good to go.

Before the change arrives in any territory, it starts from Peru & Venezuela and US & Canada. Facebook messenger asks for mobile number and your name if you do not have Facebook account – just like WhatsApp acquisition on February 2014.

With this app, user will be able to connect with those people who are on Facebook or not, using their contact list – if the number matches with those people phone number then you can connect with them.

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So with Facebook messenger you can search Facebook profiles of those people who might know you.

With the introduction of various features – mobile messaging service reaches 600 million users monthly with 1.4 billion users on flagship of Facebook’s social network.