Google chrome tricksGoogle chrome is very popular browser and is simple, fast and flexible, it provides lots of features to their user for better experience in browsing but the thing is that we do not know much about those features and most of us do not even know about the features that I am going to talk about. With the help of these features one can experience better browsing and more control over Google chrome…..



Here is the list of top Google chrome features that you should use:

  1. Omnibox search

Searching any website without actually visiting that website is possible with the help of omnibox.

It saves time and browsing of user, suppose we want to find information about something on Wikipedia then without going to Google or front page of Wikipedia you can actually go to that particular post that you want to search, isn’t that cool?

To enable this chrome feature you have to go to your browsers search box and right click on it, now choose the option “add search engine” and then you can have direct access to any website like Facebok, Twitter, Wikipedia and even ohkweb. For those who are using mac just hold ctrl while right click on search box.

Just include the sites in your managed list and you are good to go.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Drag multiple tabs in a single click

Almost all Google chrome users know about drag & drop chrome feature, in which you simply click on a tab that you want to open in a new browser window or for mixing the tabs between browsers.

But you can drag multiple tabs from chrome by holding ctrl key and click on those tabs that you want to drag and simply move them as one.

For mac users hold command key and then click on tabs.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Omnibox : A calculator

All of us know that Google can do simple mathematical calculation if you put any basic maths problem in the Google search engine.

Omnibox has same potential of solving basic maths as that of Google, if you put basic maths problem in it then it will show answer in the suggestions. So, there is no need to go to and then find the solution.

But this hidden Google chrome features works only if your default browser is Google and not Bing or yahoo or any other, and if you search for your answer with the default browser, say Bing, then you will not get any answer.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Omnibox : A unit converter

Just like Google performs the unit conversion process omnibox also performs the same process without actually going to

All you have to do is type any unit in the search box and chrome will automatically generates the conversion of that unit in suggestion box. Suppose you want to convert “19 inches” then chrome will suggest the equal unit in centimetres and if you want different output unit then write “19 inches = your_desired_unit”, (eg: 19 inches = feets).

And as I have said earlier this Google chrome feature will work only if your default browser is Google.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Google chrome: as an image browser

Have you come across any jpeg that you do not know what is it and from where exactly it come from to your computer?

So just drag & drop that jpeg directly to your Google chrome to have a quick look at it in your browser.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Drag to search

All of us are very well aware with cut and paste function, same thing can also be done in Google chrome by Highlight and paste.

For that you have to highlight any word or phrase and drag it to omnibox to do a quick search about that.

Another way of doing so is by highlighting the phrase or word and right click on it to choose Google search. If you are on mac OS then control + click on that highlighted word.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Bookmark URL by dragging

There is a quick way to bookmark your favourite websites by highlighting it and dragging to the bookmark bar, BOOM! If you want to edit the name of that URL then you can do so later.

You can also drag any URL from different browsers to Google chrome.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Browse your tabs through keyboard

This is a quick way to move from one tab to another, just hold ctrl key (Command on mac) of your keyboard and simply choose the number of tab that you want to open. For example, if I want to open the tab of “ohkweb” which is at number two position I would simply give command of ctrl + 2, now I am on the 2nd tab.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Navigating on a page using commands

If you are navigating a webpage then you can simply scroll that page up and down without your mice.

Simply use spacebar for scrolling down and for scrolling up hold shift and use spacebar.

 Google chrome tricks

  1. Open specific pages at start

If you love visiting websites then it is quite obvious that out of all those there will be one website that you love visiting every day, then at your convenience you can set up chrome in a way that every time you open chrome for browsing it will load that page at startup.

For that go to your settings then open starup options or you can simply type “chrome://settings/startup” on your search box, then click on “open specific page or set of pages”. Now you can set links according to you, or chrome can suggest some links that you have recently opened.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Open a search in a new tab

By default Google chrome opens anything you put on the search box in the same tab, but sometimes you want to search content on different tab that is without losing the current tab.

Fortunately there is a chrome feature that allows us to open our search in a new tab, just type what you want to search in the search box then hold alt and press return key (or enter key and for mac users press command button instead of alt)and chrome will load that search page in the new tab.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Download files directly to your desktop

This chrome feature is for those who are lazy like me, I do not like to open another window on my computer to see the downloaded file rather I feel more convenient if the file downloads directly to my desktop as it gives me quick access to that file.

To enable this chrome feature type “chrome://settings/” in your search box and click on “show advance settings” on that page, then scroll down to downloads. There you can set automatic download location for files choose the location that works best for you.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Restore accidentally closed tabs

We all have by mistaken closed important tabs that we do not want to close and regrets for doing that. But thankfully a there is a Google chrome feature for that also that act as a saviour in many cases.

If you have accidentally closed a tab then press “shift + ctrl + T” (or command + shift + t on mac OS).

Google chrome tricks

  1. Add events from omnibox to Google calendar

You can directly access Google calendar from your amnibox and add events to it. First you have to copy this link:

Now type “chrome://settings/searchEngines” scroll down to the section where 3 fields are present labelled :: “Add a new search engine”, “keyword”, and “URL with %s in place of quotes”.

Just write “Google calendar” in the 1st field and write whatever you like in the second field (i.e. in keyword field like “calendar” or something). In the final field paste the line of code that you copied.

Now write your keyword in the omnibox (search box) and hit tab, then a box will appear prompting “search Google calendar”, do not get fooled by this prompt you are still adding event to your calendar.

Now use plain text in that box with covering all parts, like I typed “another post on tips and tricks next Monday at 6:00” then hit enter, what Google will do is that it automatically fills the details at correct places and only thing you have to do is to “SAVE”.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Zoom in and zoom out

You can zoom in or zoom out any web page according to your need.

For zoom in : hold ctrl and press ‘+’ key

For zoom out : hold ctrl and press ‘-’ key

For default setting of zoom that is at 100% view : hold ctrl and press ‘0’.

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There is Google chrome feature which also allows us to do it manually by clicking on magnifying glass icon at top right corner.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Delete browsing history through commands

There are options available in settings to delete the browsing history, like URLs, data, cache etc. etc.

But you can do it very quickly by pressing control + shift + delete and a screen will pops up from where you can delete your browsing data, URLs and all through “clear browsing data command”.

For mac users, press shift + command + delete.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Hidden omnibox features

There are lots of other features are available in omnibox like you can make a bookmark list for any page by clicking on the star available in at the right end of omnibox which will be added directly to your favorites.

You can access the site information by clicking on the folded file icon given on the left end of omnibox.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Custom keyboard shortcuts for extensions

There is another chrome feature that would enable you to create custom keyboard shortcut for extensions.

Type “chrome://extensions” where you will see an option for create keyboard shortcut, from where you can create a shortcut for any extension. Creating shortcuts allows us to quickly access these extensions.

Shortcuts can be created only for those extensions that are downloaded and enabled in Google chrome.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Translate anything

This Google chrome feature is pretty cool, it can translate any webpages entirely which is a built in Google translator.

But is you want to translate any specific part of webpage then you can do that in two simple steps: 1st install Google translate extensionand 2nd highlight the text you want to translate then click on the extension on top right side to see the translation.

Google chrome tricks

  1. Add some color to Google chrome

Tired of chrome’s default theme? Then try some amazing themes on their store in which there are mostly free themes to download just click on these themes and change the look of your browser. The theme that I have used in it is called : Into The Mist

Google chrome tricks

So these are some amazing Google chrome features that can enhance your browsing performance. Tell me which Feature of chrome you love the most….?