Top 10 Ways To Get Followers On Instagram


Everyone’s dream is to be center of attraction. Are you the one with less likes and it bother you? Take these steps and you can get more followers in just few days.

See if you haven’t joined social networking apps then just give it a shot, it will not disappoint you. The social networking sites have gained daily 150 million active users (approx.). on records, instagram rises 28% in 2014. Don’t you dream that your one of the images become the most shared image ?

If you have a spark then you can achieve the success through instagram.

If you agree with any of the questions above then sign up for free instagram account. If you have created an account and don’t know what to do after? If your follower don’t likes or share your content then question arises what‘s the point to be on social network.

Good news, you can acquire more followers on instagram with ease. What you need is time and little bit of effort.

So lets get started .The 10 best ways to get more followers on instagram.

1. Follow Othersinstagram

You must follow others then only they will follow you. This is just a rule of reciprocation. So, instead of uploading snapshots and expecting people to follow , you only have to active i.e put yourself out there.

  • Search those Users and brands that share your interest , then like and share their photos.
  • Follow instagram stars and participate with them, or even ask for shout-out.
  • You can even look for tags containing #tagsforlikes , #follow4follow, #ilovemyfollowers, #likeforlike, #shoutout.


more you indulge, more it sweetens your pot.

2. Put up questions in photo caption

Most efficient way to receive comments is to simply ask a question in the caption while uploading a photo on instagram.


  • Increase comments
  • Increase likes
  • Increase followers on instagram

Indulging is the key to success.

3. Post Frequently, But Not That Much

Once you have way to new followers, you must be able to keep their interest how? First way is to post relevant photos. Don’t flood followers feed ,it doesn’t look attractive on your account.

4. Use Apps & Filtersinstagram


Instagram is a platform that gave people the chance to personalize their images. Instagram is so unique and popular in the first place why? Answer is filters. Make your photos more original and fascinating due to people likely to follow your account or share your content.

Apart from filters on instagram , you can also make the use of apps that can enhance your picture quality by adding effects to it. Just use the photo-editing apps to make ultimate instagram experience.

for example in the image you can see the implementation of the filters.

5. Complete Your Bio

it is a common feature given by the social media network where users will discover who you or brand are and whether they will follow or not.

For example: do not include “Follow for follow “”like for like” in your bio.

You must let others to recognize you and the reason they should follow you. Do update it this section when needed. If you were running a contest or giveaways , you could mention that block in your bio.

6. Host Contests

As mentioned in previous point, you can host contest in instagram .It boost indulgent and gain new followers. It is proven tactic on any social media network.

You can create contests easily and running successfully. Take or Click an amazing picture and add captions that inform people that you are organizing a contest . Do include hash tag #contest #giveaway to make your contest easy to find. And make sure to share your contest on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter.


7. Use Popular & Relevant Hashtag

Hashtags are important asset when someone is attracting new followers. Search Google to discover popular hashtag. You can use relevant trending hashtags to you or to your industry to gain more visibility for your upload.

Some popular hashtags : #love , #followme, #picoftheday, #me, #like .


8. Post at Right Time

With respect to your audience , what time they check their instagram account ,you must consider what time zone the majority audience lives in. regardless the fact that majority of instagram users login when they have extra time, on their way to home from office, or on Sundays.

9. Related & Connected Images

Give a check on featured accounts of instagram , there is a common field. Each and every photo is something we all can relate to and connect with. They’re unique, original and personal.

You can attract people to your account by establishing a connection with audience by sharing photos. Do make sure that your instagram account is authentic and original.


10. Check Your Intention

Don’t get carried away and post irrelevant content on instagram, step backward and think the reason you joined in the first place. What is the reason you need more follower? Are you looking to gain more publicity ?do you want to helping hand for feedback for your photographay? Do you want to use instagram as a profitable tool for your venture? Realize the audience you want to target.instagram + facebook= instabook

How many followers do you have in your instagram account? What is the best tactic you have used to attract followers?