Gmail is considered to be one of the most powerful email service, but in Gmail Labs you can find all goodies and extra Gmail features.

There are the wide list of Hidden Gmail features but we have selected the top ten among them that you should enable and use them right now.


Top 10 Hidden Gmail Features are:

  1. Undo send:

Just think about the case that you have recently wrote an impressive mail for your business and you are so into the writing section that you forgot attaching mail to it and hit send button!! And soon you realizes that you certainly shouldn’t have done that.

Undo send feature of Gmail which is available in Gmail lab – is there to protect you from this scenario.

Undo Send

In this – Gmail will wait for predefined number of seconds, after you hit the send button before actually sending it and during this time period you can revert back that email with undo send button. You can configure this feature of Gmail according to your convenience.

  1. Custom keyboard shortcut:

Who doesn’t love shortcuts, they provide the faster and more controlled access to the application we are using whether it is a system software like Windows OS or application software like Google chrome.

Custom Keyboard Shortcut

This feature is also available in Gmail that allows you to create shortcuts which you are comfortable using with. This feature increases the flexibility of Gmail.

  1. Preview external services in messages

This feature of Gmail lets you preview various things like documents, images, videos and even voice mail which is sent from any services.

preview maps

For Example if your friend sends you an address on Gmail then that address will automatically show by Google Maps preview lab.

These preview labs are also available for Picassa, Yelp and Google voice for those who are using those service.

  1. Auto – advance

It is very annoying that every time you have to go back to inbox to archive, delete or mute a conversation.

Auto Advance

Auto advance feature of Gmail labs is the saviour in this situation which lets you set this situation in Gmail so that Gmail know what to do in these kind of situations. By that you can directly move to next or previous email whenever you want to delete or archive a message.

This features saves time and annoyance.

  1. Unread message icon

Whenever a new message is arrived Gmail tabs lights up and shows you in which section the message has arrived. But if you want to check and read all the unread messages then this unread message icon shows all the unread messages in the threads.

Unread Message Icon

So in that way you can instantly check unread mails without actually going through all the in your inbox.

  1. Send & archive

This is the cleansing feature of Gmail which allows you send and archive the thread in one click – keeping your inbox clean & tidy.

send & archive

You can enable this feature by heading over to general settings of Gmail and click show “send & archive” button in reply.

  1. App search

App search is available in Google labs for those who are using Google sites or Google docs and is a great feature which that extends the capabilities of those apps.

App Search

So if search for something in Gmail it will shows the matching results from Sites and Docs, and you can do all the related work at one place.

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  1. Reply all

When multiple peoples are involved in a single thread then there will be a case where a single person hits “reply” instead of reply allbutton and results in breaking the thread accidentally.

Reply All

This cool feature of Gmail save you from being that person by changing the option in general settings of Gmail from reply to reply all.

  1. Canned responses

Canned response is an advance Gmail feature that helps in saving your time and effort in case when you have to do lots of repetitive typing.

canned responses

You can enable this feature in the Gmail labs and type that message that you are sending over and over again, and then send it later in the future by clicking on a button.

It can also acts as a vacation responder, by automatic sending of mail using filters.

  1. Quick links

Often needed messages made available easily by features like multiple inbox and starred message, quick links – can access anything, right from Gmail’s sidebar.


Quick links

You can enable this special feature of Gmail in Gmail labs and after that a box will appear on the left, in which any bookmarkable link can be added which are often accessed by you like specific messages, saved searches, labels or anything else.

You can also treat this feature as your to-do list.

Thanks for reading…