How to Improve Your Digital Marketing by Buying Domains with SkimDaddy

You can skyrocket your rankings on Google and attract highly convertible visitors with a simple and absolutely legitimate trick. While a majority of webmasters will follow mainstream thoughts, we are going to share a technique that previously was not widely used due to its complexity but became easier than ever now. The talk is about catching high profile domains and SkimDaddy tool for smart domain auctioning.

Catch a high profile domain if you can

The idea of buying and applying aged domain names is not a new one.
The proactive online businesses use this strategy for a long time with varying success. As per SEO, building a
website on an already established domain is much better than registering a new one. Indeed, why to start from scratch?
With domain auctions, you can boost your traffic and improve your online presence in a snap.

A handful of tips for buying a domain

Have you ever heard about GoDaddy domain auctions or SkimDaddy tool? However, you should.
If you start your own online business, then you will find that search engine trust, authority and strong backlinks usually take years to accumulate. If you are lucky enough to purchase an existing domain name with all these parameters and build your website on it, therefore you will have a distinct advantage over your rivals in the same niche.

There are both benefits and pitfalls of purchasing a domain. We have already mentioned some of the key advantages above. In addition to the traffic, you will get:

  • Hassle-free website promotion;
  • Great backlinks based on the various SEO techniques of the previous owner;
  • Instant page rank.

On the other hand, if you are just a beginner in buying domains, you can easily back the wrong horse. Our useful tips will help you to make the right choice:

  • Don’t buy domains without value. Pick the expired domain names that will drive a reliable traffic to your website;
  • Don’t bid too early. Otherwise, you will draw your competitors to the targeted domain and pay more;
  • In some cases, avoid picking a domain name with a highly competitive keyword if you want to rank another website high for that search term;
  • Check whether a domain has spam backlinks or fake page rank.

In any case, do some research on the domain you are going to buy to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

At this point, let’s take a closer look at the core features of the main domain auction platform that is held on the market.

GoDaddy Domain Auctions

GoDaddy Domain Auctions is an online multi-functional platform where you may:

  • Buy your domain name right now;
  • Bid on an auctioned domain;
  • Sell your domain name registered with any registrar.

In fact, GoDaddy was created to help its users with domain registration. Here you may purchase any domain name you like, of course, if it is not occupied. Then, the company’s team submits relevant records to different databases including WHOIS. Typically, you will pay for the domain name on the annual basis.

GoDaddy Auctions include:

  • Buy Now – You can buy your favorite domain name right off the stove, just pick, click, and purchase!
  • Offer/Counteroffer – GoDaddy will notify a seller, whether a buyer places an offer on the domain. Thus, the seller can accept or counter the buyer’s bid.
  • Expired Domain Auctions – Bid for a particular domain. If you happen to be the highest bidder at the end of an auction, then you grab your domain name.
  • 7-Day Public Auction – Sellers offer a starting bid and buyers place the higher bids. When time is up, and your bid is higher than everyone else’s, you are a winner.
  • Private Auctions – If the seller and buyer agree to a private sale, they may contact the customer support. Thus, the private auction can be upheld. Logging into their accounts allows both the buyer and seller to see the auction.

It’s important to mention again that all the results of past SEO campaigns for each auction lot remain at previous levels. Hence, you can buy a domain name with huge traffic that ranks high on Google. Only you should know what you are looking for.

Suppose you are going to buy the domain name you like on GoDaddy. Great! You just visit GoDaddy Auctions, find the appropriate target, and place a bid. Wait, didn’t we forget something? Sure! Remember that above we were talking about essential research, useful tips, pitfalls, and all that sort of thing. Well, with GoDaddy, the in-depth domain valuation is not included in the deal.

Domain Detail page on GoDaddy

Whether you are a Web/SEO guru or just a regular user, you definitely want to get the best quickly and without diving into advanced analytics. However, in the case of GoDaddy, you need to spend a lot of time on the research using many external tools and services to evaluate the domain name adequately.

As we can see, due to the lack of essential info about domains, GoDaddy can’t provide its users with the relevant data that can answer the immortal “To buy or not to buy?” For that reason, the SkimDaddy extension was created.

SkimDaddy Versatile Tool

On the Web, it’s all about searching the right information if you want to gain insight into something valuable. So SkimDaddy is your personal goldmine. With this advanced auction tool, you can explore the critical SEO metrics all at once without extra research. This extension is compatible with major browsers.

SkimDaddy ultimate features include:

  • Both basic and advanced filters
    SkimDaddy basic and advanced filters

    Basic filters

    • Google Positions (Top 10, Top 30, Top 50, Top 100)
    • Auction ending
    • Search Engine Traffic
    • Domain name
    • Keyword
    • Price range


    Advanced filters

    • Type (Bid, Offer, BuyNow, Offer with BuyNow, Hot)
    • Symbols in the domain name
    • Zones (gTLD or ccTLD)
    • Alexa Rank
    • Bids
    • Age


    Good scope of work here, yeah? That’s kids’ stuff. You can pick everything you need to find high profile domains, from keyword positions to desired age (the older the name is, the better it ranks on Google). The extension will show you the list of domain names that match your requests.

  • Large data scope essential for in-depth analysis, e.g. position, SE traffic, etc.
    List of domains put up for the auctionsThat’s how SkimDaddy filters work. Now you can see:

    • the number of keywords in Google Top 100 (Pos);
    • daily organic traffic (SE Traffic);
    • starting minimum price (Price);
    • the frequency of visits to the selected website (Alexa);
    • the actual number of other bidders (Bids);
    • the domain age (Age);
    • the number of characters for each domain name (Symbols);
    • the time left until the auction ends (End).
  • Domain profile
    Domain info provided by the extensionDetails are the key. Click on any domain name on the sorting list, and you’ll see even more info regarding Alexa ranks, age, price, bids, daily Google visitors and keyword search volumes.Additional SkimDaddy options allow its users to grab the domain info like a true SEO pro. You may download the website’s landing page or flip through the Web Archive version to see how it shifted over time.If you are planning to buy a high profile domain name, then check its registration records in the WHOIS database to make sure it’s available.
    Use SimilarWeb platform to track the domain’s progress on the Web. And Alexa will reflect a popularity of your favorite domain name.

    All the gifts in one basket and the name of this basket is SkimDaddy!

  • Marking as favorite the domains that a user finds attractive
    Adding to favoritesIf you find one or several domains that perfectly fit your dreams and requirements, then catch them instantly. Otherwise, you may waste a chance to win the hottest domain ever. Just mark them like the favorite, and the extension will alert you before the end of the auction.
  • Push-up messages notifying users when an auction is coming to an end (only for Favorites)
    Push-messages notifiying about the auction coming to an endSkimDaddy extension triggers warnings according to user settings (60/30/10/5 minutes before the auction’s time is up). Just subscribe to the push messages, and you’ll receive an email notification before the auction ends. That’s how you can buy a great domain at the lowest price possible.


When it comes to buying an appropriate domain name, making the right choice is quite challenging. You should use a great variety of professional tools or even hire a top-class expert to conduct the in-depth research. Of course, if you want to buy something that will worth your money.

At the same time, SkimDaddy will help you to find a killer domain name within seconds saving your time and money. Just download the extension, pick up the desired parameters, and enjoy the search results. With this comprehensive solution, it is easy to set a bid and win an auction of an excellent domain with real SEO value and high traffic volumes.