bluetooth in windowsBluetooth Icons in the notification tray give quick access to Bluetooth settings. Most annoying situation, when you accidentally remove the icon of Bluetooth device, because when you right click the Bluetooth icon you may get several options and “remove the icon” is placed in the bottom so user may click it accidentally. In this article we will learn how to display the lost icon of Bluetooth device. You don’t need to format or install any software.


You were trying to receive a file from another device but when you try to have access to Bluetooth quick access, you accidentally clicked the remove the icon and now you don’t know how to get back the Bluetooth icon in notification system tray in windows.

It may be possible that the Bluetooth sharing service is disabled.

First check the Bluetooth service is enabled or not on your PC. For that,

  1. Swipe the panel from right and click setting then change PC setting.

PC setting bluetooth2. Go to > PC and devices >Bluetooth.bluetooth toggle3. Check the Bluetooth device toggle.

bluetooth show toggle

Bluetooth is on and still the symbol doesn’t show up?

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Follow these steps and your Bluetooth quick access is in your notification tray.

  1. Press windows + F and search change Bluetooth setting in your PC or press windows button and write it in the search box.change bluetooth setting
  2. Open change Bluetooth settings.
  3. Check the box so as to show the icon in the notification area.check the option
  4. APPLY these changes and OK.Bluetooth toggle

Note: If you try to find the Bluetooth settings in the control panel you will not be able to find it. Follow the above steps to show/ Add the Bluetooth quick access to your system tray in windows.

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