When you open the homepage of Facebook to login to your account, the first things you always notice is that blue color they have used.

Why Facebook is blue in color

Each and every social media, web browser and almost every one on internet changes their themes and play around with colors to make user interface more interesting so as to provide soothing effect on eyes, but not Facebook!

Facebook always comes up with very interesting updates makes user interface light and cool for their users, but they have never changed the color since “The Facebook” (Earlier Facebook was known as The Facebook).

Two recent updates their zone ::  join messenger without Facebook account and moments latest app from Facebook

Fact: At the time of “The Facebook” you must have .edu email id to join Facebook.

But why so much of blue color on Facebook?

There are two main reasons for this:

Why Facebook is blue in color

  1. The main reason you find so much blue color on Facebook is that the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is red green color blind and richest color for him is blue (he confirmed this in an online interview with Leo Laporte).
  2. Other reason for blue color is that it is important in terms of commercial factor, as human brain take blue color as transparent background so content is more visible and produce much less distraction than any other color.

Blue is also referred to as NIRVANA for brain.

It is also possible to recover data from Facebook if you anyhow deleted it!

Another interesting thing is that you can actually change the default theme of Facebook to anything you like, read this post for more information.

I hope you enjoyed this little side of Facebook.