Suppose you just woke up from sleep, washed your face and boots your pc. Expecting to see some feeds and sweet messages from you loved ones, and suddenly a big red dialog box popped up, which says, if you don’t pay 200$ to some unknown party then all the data which is stored in your system will be deleted and you will not be able to retrieve it back.

This is the world of “Ransomware”, one of the fresh topic of 2015, which demands cash from the victims in return for the data stored on their computer system and if they do not pay the cash all the data will be erased and gone forever. So, is there anything is present by means of which we can protect our computer or smart phones from it…..?

Brief history of Ransomware:

Hackers are becoming more advance day by day and Ransomware virus is the true example for this statement, through this virus, hackers keeps their revenue strong, without all those old fashioned credit card fraud techniques.

All because of the true efforts of hackers, this virus emerges out and spreads globally in just few months. Viruses like Cryptowall, Cryptolocker and the recent one is TeslaCrypt are the members of this “Ransomware” family.

Cryptolocker is the earliest member of this family and is first showed the presence in the end of 2013. It literally hits the computer system so hard, that no one has time to think what the heck this is!! And now it’s back, in less than a week tons of peoples reports that their hard drives are locked and they unable to access their data, a screen appears each time you boot the computer, and prompts, “you have 24 hours to pay or else all the data will be deleted from this computer”.

Despite of trying formatting the system, installing new hard drive, flashing the BIOS, nothing seems to work, and if not get paid, they blasts the format bomb.

Now the worse thing is that the peoples who pay ransom to them, started posting on the web that hackers are getting better at this and the cryptolocker will get disabled if we pay them ransom. Which is kind of initiative to those hackers and causes confusion for the victims who don’t understand what to do next. So in order to protect their data peoples pay them instead of choosing other alternative options.

Threat is not confined to pc:

Ransomware not only blocks the access from your computer but from your smart phones as well. Both users and mobile security firms were reporting that threat has migrated onto selected pieces of hardware running Android Operating system and similar attacks reported for Ios devices also.

Mobile Ransomware works similar to computer Ransomware in a bigger way, blocking the device completely, with only ransom message, which if not paid in time would result in wiping off the data from the phone.

What is the solution for this…..??

There is no accurate solution for this, but we can stay more protected by:

  1. Keeping your anti-virus updated:

Since Ransomware is one of the biggest concern for anti-virus companies, soon they will create a fix for that, so stay updated.

  1. Keep back up for your files:

If by any chance your system gets infected, and if you have backed up your device earlier then you do not have to pay them. And not for this purpose, but keeping the backup of your files is very important.

So stay protected and stay blessed

If you want to add something new to my knowledge or have any query then tell me below in the comment section.