My Girlfriend Wants To Tie The Knot,But I Don’t!

Is your girlfriend hinting you to start a fresh life, get married, be family? Here’s what you need to know to minimize the conflict.

Are your Whatsapp or Facebook friends sharing wedding photos? Does everyone around you getting married? It’s a wedding bell that’s ringing, don’t be pressurised and get into the relation you don’t want.

Marriage isn’t drinking bournvita together and tons of planning, its transformation of many lives for lifetime! It’s not a joke dude, You are getting married! Marriage is not just a license for Kama sutra. With marriage you have to face responsibilities and you can’t get away easily.

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If you want to choose to be unmarried and want to make your girlfriend happy, Here’s what you need.

Beginners, Discover why you don’t want to get hitched?

Reason 1-The reason that comes to mind is that “circumstances aren’t good “ But that’s not that answer it’s just that you are not prepared to commit to a person that you will be their side ever and forever. But WHY? Because you’re career oriented, want to earn more money, want to be settled in a city and a lot many things.

Reason 2- You may not feel like, you want to marry although you might have done things that most single men do’s. This feeling come when you have seen unhappy married couple in your journey. You don’t want breakups or divorce.

Reason 3- You want to live your life with the person but where there’s no marriage involved. You want open relationship.

Reason 4-The most painful reason is that you don’t see a life partner in your girlfriend then why are you with her? Think about it.

If you don’t feel good with her, just opt out as soon as possible.

What to do when she hints you but you don’t want to get hitched

Knowing the will behind not marrying is one thing but the things you can do to keep her and get her away from fight without hurting her feelings? Scroll down for suggestions.

1. Think over it, again

You were in stress the whole day and your partner shot you with the talk of marriage. Maybe you want to wait for payday but your girlfriend is planning a huge wedding.

Maybe your girl is right; it’s the right time to get hitched. Just write the pros and cons, maybe your life goals have been satisfied. This requires your time and you need to think deep.

2. Busy for some time

if you are running in a project and you want more time. Be honest and tell her the truth that you require more time just couple of days to clear the mess.

Remember, you don’t sound like you want to break! Because this will make her think that you are running from your responsibilities. Give them a timeslot maybe a month so that they can expect a proposal.

3. Promise her without word “Soon”

the word gives negative effect on partner, because it leave you all time waiting for the partner to come up as soon as possible maybe a day or two. You are building a hope in them that you will come up with decision in some days whether you are not ready.

Tell her what you have in your mind or what you want from your marriage.

4. Whats the reason behind this marriage?girlfriend

Find out why your partner want to be married. Maybe your relationship needs a tag , because of your boring routine. She might thought to get joy in relation is to upgrade it by getting hitch.

In order to taste the responsibilities you can get a pet for you both without getting married, this is attest which can be conducted to check the compatibility between you or to work on some issues.

5. Is your partner spending too much or doing something to keep you in dilemma, say so!

Does she seem immature? Does your partner count on you when you are at home? Does he spend too much with his friends? She did something that you feel you can’t help? Without ignoring the issues or blaming yourselves “that’s me, not you”; why not start having relationship test and check where you are in the relationship wheel.

She cares you a lot, but you don’t? is your relation worth a name? is your love of life is right for your future?      Is she bothered about your snoring, while in the sleep?

Make use of ways to work out your relationship and explore your relation and make it better.

6. What if, you don’t see your true life partner as your future?

This is the worst and heartbreaking lines that you can tell your girlfriend and let her die in the shadow. Since being in a relationship is a time when you know her and love her more, but don’t want to marry her.

There are many reasons that you can have in life for not marrying your girlfriend. You don’t see yourself a vision with partner? Your relationship lacks a component of relation that will not hold you long? She might feel the feelings right but later when you both grow in your careers you regret this decision or opposite thoughts drag you.

Just talk to the partner and settle it down. Fight, trust, love, care all lead you to have successful relationship. Don’t break feelings because once you break, you are left with broken pieces.Read: Affairs: Why married people have Extra-marital affairs
We are here to build the relationship even better in the world but without your help we can’t!

Did you have something to share anything in your relationship! Use comment to share.