Microsoft Edge : Browser 112% Faster Than Google Chrome Browser

GoogleMicrosoft Edge browser windows 10 Chrome web browser is rated as the most popular web browser in the world. But Microsoft claims that their new web browser for windows 10, called Edge, might prove to be fastest. Microsoft wants their user to enjoy faster browsing at great speed.

In a post, Gabe Aul, Microsoft head of windows insider program announced new set of Benchmarks for Microsoft edge, the company’s new web browser for windows 10.

Microsoft Edge showed marvelous performance gains over Google chrome. Interesting But impressive about Microsoft is that it used benchmarks created by Apple and Google; Microsoft Edge was tested using Google Octane, Apple JetStream. Microsoft Edge performance gains over Google by 112% faster as accredited by Webkit SunSpider, Apple’s Benchmark. The Apple’s benchmark is intended for iOS, Mac and windows version of Safari, Apple’s web browser.

According to results disclosed by the benchmark,

  • Edge was 112% faster than Google Chrome on Webkit SunSpider
  • Microsoft Edge was 11% faster On Google Octane
  • Microsoft Edge was 37% faster On Apple JetStream

“ We are really pleased with the results with those performance gains and we hope that you’ll enjoy faster browsing with Microsoft Edge along with the many great features we’ve added over the last several builds” – Gabe Aul said.

After considering Edge efficiency and power through these results, Microsoft Edge would be the choice for window users. But at this stand its look like a great reason to try window 10 when it launches later this year.


Microsoft Edge will leave Chrome and other browser to improve and innovate as the change is a must in this tech generation.

Microsoft Windows 10 will be free to download for the users of windows 7 and windows 8 users.

Reserve your upgrade soon for Windows 10* its not a trial.

*3GB download required.

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