Manage & Explore Your Android With ES File Explorer File Manager

When you purchase a new android phone,  pre-installed apps such as file manager , music player, Whatsapp , android browser and many other important apps installed that may smooth en your android experience. You may not require installing alternative application as the pre-installed are quite useful. After using many file manager i stayed on one and only ES File Explorer File Manager offered by ES APP group.

ES file Explorer

I installed this app on my android phone to try its cool remote file manager feature that allow user to manage, share files remotely via internet. Its tools let you explore its feature and get used to it quickly. It is capable of performing several complicated task with ease.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a free app available for Android phone. What makes it stand out of crowd is that this file manager has Application Manager, Gesture Support, HTML text viewer/editor, its built in ZIP & RAR support, Remote file manager, Music Player, WLAN sharing data and other features too.

Whether you have file manager or not in your android device but Friends, I recommend you this ES File Explorer File Manager for your smartphone. Why?

ES file explorer file manager

A powerful interface that enables ES File Explorer with lot of tools, features and option reside in one application. It unleash the feature of PC in a phone like Recycle Bin, search the file, Backup of application , Compress the archive, etc. It allows multiple window features to open various screen, you can select/multi-select files/folders, create folders, add them to favourites.

ES file explorer can provide the count of images, videos, movies, document, app. You can see the storage occupied by the files in your phone and memory card.

The “view” type when expanded gives you control on how you can manage the appearance of your files and folders. It enables you to have a thumbnail view that provides an icon of the application placed in bottom most corner of folder to identify you the folder created by application installed.


In-built Tools of ES File Explorer File Manager:

ES file explorer

The tools that are included are Recycle Bin , Music Player, Download Manager, Net Manager, SD card analyst, hide list, Photo Viewer, ZIP which has all the features that may come in standard version of these tools. This app is 4.79 MB in size and covers all the tools without installing several dedicated app for these tools.

It gives more reason to be happy, it is a home of features

I know after reading above you will definitely replace your file manager but wait the list is not over yet.

  • ROOT Explorer
  • Network manager
  • Gesture support- create gesture as shortcut to operations
  • Hidden files- To show files hidden.
  • Recycle bin
  • Thumbnails- show/hide thumbnail
  • Cloud network support
  • Clipboard
  • Android TV
  • Share files


ES File Explorer File Manager is offered by ES APP group and it is less than 5MB. The feature it provide is impressive and it more than any premium app can provide. It increase productivity, let you do advance operations quickly and minimize different apps usage. So pick your phone and download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store Now.

Click here to install the app.


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