Top 5 Tips To Lose / Cut Down Body Fat Quickly Without Losing Muscles

When i decided to lose my body fat just because my instructor told me to do so, first question comes into my mind is that “do i lose muscles in my cutting stage?”, i’m pretty worried about it. But it is less of a question and more of a feeling of losing muscles while cutting down fat.

To be honest with you guys it is very difficult task to retain your muscles while cutting down your body fat, but it is not impossible. You just have to make sure that you should work out smartly and eat accordingly.f

I have been trying to cut down my body fat from 4 – 5 months and meanwhile i’m trying my level best to retain my muscles, i have learnt many important things over these months that might help you guys to lose fat fast.

TIP :: Know Your Body Type?

Top 5 Things To Remember if you want to cut down body fat:

1. Don't do cardio all the time

I have seen many peoples at my gym doing cardio for hours. They starts from treadmill, then cross trainer, then cycling and then straight to crunches and all.

On a serious note, this is not necessary to lose fat. But if you think that you have to do that much of cardio to cut down your body fat then most likely your metabolism is damaged due to improper diet.

Spending hours doing cardio is probably the worst thing you can do to cut down body fat.

Best thing you can do – take diet properly and hit the weights more. If you do these two things properly then you should not need to do any low intensity cardio or spend hours in to lose body fat fast

2. Do not be in hurry -> Progress Slowly

When i started to cut down my body fat; i just wanted it to lose all fat from each and every part within 2 to 3 weeks. So, i dropped my calorie intake by 1000 cal per day, this was my biggest mistake of all.

Dropping my calorie intake to this much triggered my body to burn fat but at the same time i’m burning my hard earned muscles too, this change in cal intake was so dramatic that i loses fat with muscles.

So what you have to do is to begin dropping calorie intake by maximum of 200 cal per week and build from there. Set a goal of losing 1 – 1.5 pound per week. Start slowly for long term success.

3. Do high intensity interval training

High intensity interval training  is a must for everybody, it helps in building lean muscle tissue. By adding one or two High intensity interval training (HIIT) you could cut down body fat fast and boosts body’s metabolism.

You could try any one of these:

-> Increase the intensity and tempo of the weights during exercise

-> Take rest less than 20 sec after each set

lose weigh without losing muscles

4. Sleep !!!

Proper amount of sleep is the key to get great body. When you sleep you are actual repairing of muscles and tissues takes place, get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

If your at your cutting phase then i suggest not to take much carbs before bed, i usually take proteins with small amount of fat at night.

5. Eat !!!

There are tons of peoples out there who believes that taking calories less than 2000 will help them to cut down body fat fast, even i also believed that and tried too; but end up with bad metabolism and lost few muscles too.

My point is that if you eat that much calories then you certainly end up with damaged metabolism then any type of variation in diet will result in rapid fat gains.

So eat as usual and indulge more in intensity workouts to burn calories!!

cut down body fat fast

NOTE :: When your body starves then it stores fat and burn protein and that will result in losing muscle instead of body fat.

The only way you can understand what your body needs is by experimenting and then exploring the results you get.
Your body, obviously, will not get shredded in one day, it takes time and when it does; you will be feel happy and proud ?

So, Be motivated and have fun.