Every girl in life share their moments with their friends and loved ones. If that girl/boy is your ex and has left you for someone, still you want to be friends with your ex because at some point of time he/she meant love to you. But be ready to feel irritated if they seem to be happy in their fresh relation. It’s never a great idea to be friends with your ex. How to deal with this?boyfriend talks about ex.

1. What’s the reason behind of becoming friends with your ex.?

Just figure it out the motive; do you still owe feelings for them? Did your relationship end on a happy note? Why you want her in your life? Because you care for them or you want to watch over them. Want to guide them for their future relationship so they will not fail again in near future as they failed in with you.

Does it hurt to hear when she/he shares her/his fresh love’s interest? If yes, then say your feelings to them because your relation doesn’t worth pain of hearing about their new love. If you have the feelings tell them because it will save you from heartbreaks. Or you can just keep calm and let them live their life. You don’t have to listen.

2. If you decided then TRY TO BE “JUST FRIENDS”Ex fights with past

You were in relation with this person, try to forget that. Don’t act possessive- act normal and treat your ex like your other friends.

3. Don’t compare your past relationship with new.

Relationships are investments. If the thing didn’t work out for you two doesn’t mean the relationship was vain. Do remember; never ever compare anything between you and your lover.

4. Just get out when it hurts

You are not suggested to be friends with your past lover because it will not let you get over them. You only have to move on like they did. Don’t make your dead relation revive again. Don’t listen if it hurts.Ex still talk about me

5. Don’t imagine their chemistry with new love

Save yourself from disappointment and heartaches. Don’t think about their new love and what they might be doing that only result in your loss.

Advice: They were not meant for you, you deserve better. Try to move on. Live a life that give happiness and moments that you can share.

Ex talks about me, Ex talks about our past or boyfriend still talks to ex. It may be possible that your ex still brings up past just to clarify or to blame you for their suffering.

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