Although the I’m Feeling Lucky button does not seems useful, it can still be used for some creative 3rd party easter eggs. This is the continuation of amazing tricks and jokes on I’m Feeling Lucky article in which i have included those phrases that produces some funny results on Google.

There are many easter eggs available for Google – I’m Feeling Lucky button and in this article i have tried to include almost all of them, So stay with me guys because fun is about to begin.. ?

For I’m Feeling Lucky easter eggs you have to disable Google instant (By going to settings-> search settings-> never show instant results-> save). Go to homepage of Google then type the phrases that i have given below and click I’m Feeling Lucky

Google I am feeling lucky easter eggs

easter eggs I'm Feeling Lucky

Google Loco:

When you type this phrase and searched it using I’m Feeling Lucky then you will be taken to homepage of Google where you see each letter of google logo are dancing continuously. Search options i.e Google search & I’m Feeling Lucky search are also appears in incomprehensible form , if you type something in search bar then each letter appears in the same way and search box changes its color every time you type a letter.


Google Packman:google easter eggs

This phrase will take you to the Google packman page which was built on the 30th anniversary of popular game packman where you can play in one player mode and in two player mode (by clicking on insert one coin or two coin). Play it using arrow keys on your computer, second player can play it with w, a, s, d buttons.


Google Guitar:

A very popular doodle from Google which was made on 96th birthday of Les paul. This doodle which is based on java script and flash allows the user not only to play guitar while moving the cursor over strings but also to record that tone. Google provides a link for the recorded tone which you can share with your friends too. Do I’m Feeling Lucky search for it or go directly to google guitar.


Google Hacker:I am feeling lucky easter egg

When you do a search for this page you will be taken to google homepage, on first look you will found nothing weired but later you see the leet language (used by hackers) all around you, for an instance I’m Feeling Lucky looks something like “EyE Am ph33|1n6 |u(ky“, this crazy easter egg is created by one of the google engineer.


Google weenie:

Have you ever seen any website with extremely small text, these sites are not only difficult to read but also makes us angry. So get ready to be angrier because when you search for this phrase in Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” then you be taken to google weenie page where text constantly become smaller and smaller until it become too hard too read.


Google magic:magic-40641_640

One of the most amazing Google easter eggs, when you search for this phrase using I’m Feeling Lucky you will be taken to special google homepage where you can perform a magic to impress your friends. On that page put your fingers on two O’s and click anywhere on that page wait for 2-3 seconds, BOOM!! Those two O’s will be disappeared.


Few more Easter eggs on I’m Feeling Lucky:

Here is the full list that you can search on I’m Feeling Lucky button and get surprised by the results ?

Google GothicGoogle ReverseGoglogoGoogle Flight Simulator
Google GodGoogle BorkEwmew FuddGoogle Piglatin
Google KlingonThe Google BookGoogle ChurchPigeon Rank
Google GulpCADIEGoogle TiSPMental Plex
Translate for AnimalsG.C.H.E.E.S.E.Google PondgDay with MATE
“Googlo”Google VariationsGoogle BlackleFunny Google

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