On-screen keyboard utility is available in windows – which allow us to use our mouse as keyboard. But What if we want to use our Keyboard as mouse?! Yes, in this article I’ll teach you how to use your keyboard as mouse.

Just consider a situation where your mouse stops working and you don’t want to wait until you buy another one!! So it is good to be prepared for that situation.

use your keyboard as mouse

Steps to use your keyboard as mouse:

For windows XP users:

  1. Open control panel
  2. Then click on switch to classic view
  3. Then open Accessibility options by simply clicking on it
  4. In accessibility options click on mouse tab
  5. Now click on “use mouse keys ” to enable it.
  6. Now make sure that your number lock is activated, if not, then simply press num lock to activate it
  7. You will hear a beep sound
  8. Now control your mouse pointer using arrow keys on your numeric keypad

For windows Vista, 7 , 8 & 8.1 users:use your mouse as keyboard


  1. Go to start, then open Control panel, now click on ease of access center
  2. Now scroll down to bottom to open make the mouse easier to use
  3. Now click on turn on mouse keys to enable these settings
  4. Now you can use your keyboard as mouse

NOTE: You can adjust other settings like changing your mouse control keys and speed of using mouse using these keys, so set it according to your convenience.

By default these key are set in number pad at the position – 8, 4, 2, 6 for up, left, down & right respectively.

This is one of the small features of windows OS, you can find some more features of windows in this post.

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