VLC media player is free and open source software which is widely used for playing videos of almost any format, and we use it for playing videos almost every time. However VLC media player is also capable of converting, cutting and resizing any video in no time and it converts any video pretty fast without affecting the quality of video.

In terms of converting videos, VLC media player is far better than any free video converting softwares. Not only this, you can also play the same video on your cell phone by simply resizing it in VLC media player, or if you like to separate any scene out of video then you can use it as a cutting tool.

How to change the format of videos in VLC media player?

Just follow these simple steps and you can convert any video of any length in short period of time:

    1. Open VLC media player
    2. In the menu car, click on Media
    3. Then click on “convert/save” or you can directly open it by “ctrl + R”
    4. Load the video who’s format you want to convert, by clicking “Add” button
  1. Now a dialog box “convert” will pop up, click on browse to select the where you want to save the converted video

VLC media player 2015

  1. Now in the profile selection option select in which type you want to convert the video by clicking the drop down menu
  2. Now you can start converting the video by pressing the “start” button

VLC media player 2015

NOTE: The output video will be corrupted if you close that window! And the speed of conversion depends on your computer’s processer.

How to resize and shrink any video in VLC media player?

To resize video in VLC media player, you have to follow same step as in conversion of video till step 5, while you are in step 6 of converting the video, you just have to click on the “settings” under profile section which is present at right side of type of video (I have marked the settings option in the below image).

VLC media player 2015


Now click on “video codec” tab to enter the desired height and width of video that you need, it resizes the video exactly in the same size if the aspect ratio is maintained (so keep in mind, while entering the height and width ratio must be maintained) or else output video might not be of same size that you have specified.

How to cut videos with VLC media player?

To crop or to cut video with VLC media player, open the menu bar & click on view menu, in this view menu select advanced controls that will result in some extra options (like record option,) over normal toolbar.

Now play the video of your choice and click the record button from the point you want to crop the video and stop that video on the point; till where you want to crop by clicking the same button. That cropped part of video will automatically be saved in library/videos (in windows vista, 7, 8 and 8.1) and in My Documents/My Videos (in windows XP).

NOTE: You might not find these features in older version of VLC media player!

you can find the latest version of VLC media player on their official website.

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This is it guys, I hope this post explains the part that VLC media player is not used only for playing videos.