Google Keyword Planner

What is Google keyword planner tool

Google keyword planner tool is a tool that is provided by Google free of cost, and is used for checking how much time that particular keyword is searched in Google all over the world. This tool shows whether that keyword is high or low in competition.

How to use Google keyword planner tool

First head over to Google ad-words by clicking “here”. Now sign in using your Google account. After successful Log in:

  1. Go to tools
  2. Then in tools, click keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner

  1. Click on “search for new keyword using a phrase, website or category

Google Keyword Planner

Section under targeting must be set to “All location”, so that it will search for how many times a keyword is searched all around the world.

  1. Now I randomly searched a keyword “belt”.

Google Keyword Planner

As you can see here the number of searches are quite high, and the competition is also high, so it makes the “belt” a bad niche (or keyword) idea.

  1. Now if I randomly search for a keyword like “naughty cats”, then

Google Keyword Planner

As you can see here, average monthly searches are not high, and competition is also low, so this might be a niche for your website.

How to examine the results of Google Keyword Planner tool

Now if you carefully observe, below the graph, all the related keywords are placed that are searched in Google each month and these are the keyword which are important for you, so write them somewhere in notepad or in sticky notes, because these related keywords will be the taglines or main heading of your articles.

Google Keyword Planner

Now the next thing is average searches of the related keywords. As you can see that, the related keywords have low monthly searches, is it mean, it’s bad? No! Because you need a keyword that has as small number of searches as possible, if you have read my HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL NICHE WEBSITE article then you are aware about, how many keywords searches are required to consider, any keyword as a good one. Now second thing about those keywords are, that they are very low in competition, which means that there are very few websites that are actually targeting that keyword which is a pretty good sign which indicates that we are on right track.

Google Keyword Planner

Now, you probably wondering about this column “suggested bids”. This bid column tells us about the money that has been paying by the advertiser for that particular keyword and NULL on this column simply indicates that there are no ads for that particular keyword, so, that keyword may not be included, but you can include it to target all possible keyword for your niche.

And one more thing this “belt” and “naughty cats” are just examples that I have used to make you understand the procedures.

So this is it guys. Hope you find something new and interesting. I would love to get feedback back from you and if you have any query, you can ask me on comments below.