Usually we all shutdown our computer from start menu using power button or by pressing alt + F4, while some physically shutdown their computer via power button of our machine.

Very few peoples know that there are different ways available through which you can shutdown your computer and one of the way is by shutting down the computer via command prompt. This is because peoples generally do not use command prompt because it is very boring while working on it through commands.

Command prompt can be used for different ways, you can find complete guidelines of command prompt tricks here, you can shutdown your computer, restart it, log off your computer and a remote computer as well (only if you have administrator access on that computer). You can also hibernate any computer and provide any comment that contains the reason to shutdown. Now lets learn how to  do this…

First open command prompt:

  1. Simply press windows key + R
  2. Type CMD and hit enter

This command will opens the command prompt window. Now follow along depending on what you want to do….

How to shutdown your computer via command prompt?

To shutdown your computer, type “shutdown -s” (must be written without quotes) and hit Enter.

Shutdown is the command being executed, while, the command ‘-s’ telling the computer to shutdown.

How to stop a system shutdown?

If the count down for system shut down has not reached 0 then you can prevent your system from shutdown.

Type “shutdown -a” (without quotes) and hit Enter. The command ‘-a‘ is telling the computer to stop the shutdown process.

How to restart your computer?

To restart your computer, type “shutdown -r” (without quotes), and hit Enter. The command ‘-r’ is telling the computer to restart after shutdown.

How to Log off the current user?

For this, type “shutdown -I” (without quotes) and hit Enter. The command ‘-I’ is telling the computer to log off.

How to hibernate your computer?

For this, hibernation must be enabled in your computer. Type “Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll, SetSusspendState” (without quotes) and hit Enter.

How to shutdown a remote computer?

For shutting down a remote computer you must have admin access of the computer you want to shutdown, as I mentioned earlier.

How to know if you have admin access to that remote computer?

To know, press windows key + R and hit Enter.command prompt tricks and hacks

Now if you don’t remember the name of that computer, then in command prompt, type “net view” and hit Enter, this will give the full list of those computer which are connected to your computer.

Now if you have access to that remote computer, type “shutdown –s –m\name of remote computer” (without quotes, write the name of that computer that you want to shutdown at the place of “name of remote computer”) and hit Enter.

If you can connect to that computer then you will be asked the user name and password. List of directory will be available to you after you enter correct username and password which will help you to know whether or not you shutdown that computer.

How to shutdown remote or your computer after specific time?

For example if I want to shutdown a computer after 60s then I will write “shutdown –s –t 60” (without quotes), and hit Enter, count down of 60s will start after executing this command. ‘-t’ is a variable which takes the value 60 in this case. After 60s your computer will shutdown.

How to shutdown computer with a funny message?

If you want that your computer will give you the reason for being shutdown then in command prompt, type shutdown –s –c “I do not want to work with you anymore….. Good bye!” (write the comment in quotes). The command ‘-c’ is used to give the reason for shutting down the computer.

You can type any message and enjoy!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post, tell me what excuse your computer is giving before shutdown.