Most of the software we install on our computer add themselves to startup programs that makes a huge startup program list, so more number of programs on this list will increase your computer’s booting time.

Moreover, no one likes to see any information regarding/by any software at each startup unless you have explicitly set it up.

Why to disable startup programs in windows?

When more number of programs loads during computer startup then it makes your computer slow by wasting available resources and extends the booting of computer.

By disabling startup programs in windows – load time of computer will be reduced, all resources will be available + no annoying program pops up during startup.

But it does not mean that you will disable all the programs from this list to make your computer faster, enabling the startup programs like antivirus and firewall is a good idea.

How to disable startup programs in windows XP, Vista & 7

For disabling startup programs in windows 7, Vista and XP; you have to use a tool which is installed in windows, called MSConfig, that allows easy access and management of startup programs in windows and with the help of this tool you can enable or disable any  program from your startup list.

NOTE: MSConfig tool is used for several other things (configuration purpose), so, you have to be careful while working with this tool.

Follow below steps to enable / disable startup programs in windows with the help of MSConfig:

Press Windows key + R to open run command

    1. Now type “msconfig.exe” and press enter

NOTE: For windows XP users – click on start menu and, open run dialog box and type “msconfig.exe“, then click to open it.

    1. Once you open “msconfig”, click on startup tab – where you can see the list of all programs that loads during startup.
    2. Uncheck the programs that you don’t want to load at startup by simply clicking on the check box.
    3. Click on apply and then click ok

Now a dialog box will pop up which will ask you to restart your computer – if you are ready for restart then click restart else exit without restart.disable startup programs in windows operating system

How to disable startup programs in windows 8, 8.1 & 10

Microsoft has provided a simpler way to manage startup programs in windows 8 and up ahead through task manager. In these latest windows msconfig program is still available but for many other configuration process and if you do click on startup tab of msconfig then it will display a message that “to manage startup items, use startup section of task manager“.

Follow below steps to enable / disable startup programs in windows with the help of task manager:

  1. Press ctrl + shift + esc to open task manager directly
  2. Now click on “more details
  3. Open startup tab – now you can enable/disable any startup program easily by clicking on a particular program and click disable

disable startup programs windows 8

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How to disable startup programs in windows through cc cleaner

CC Cleaner is a free utility for cleaning PC by which you can clean the junk files from your PC in few clicks. It can also be used to manage startup programs easily, for that:

  1. click on “tools” available on left panel of dialog box
  2. Now click on startup to see the list of startup programs
  3. Click on any program and click enable/disable it

disable startup programs in windows

CC Cleaner does not prompt any message regarding restarting computer so do it yourself.


Some applications add themselves to the startup list of computer again after removing them; in that case they needs to be properly configured so as to stop launching them when computer boots.