It is very convenient to save password in any browser. With the help of this inbuilt feature of Google chrome, everyone is enjoying by – saving time and no headache of remembering password.

What this feature does that, whenever you log in to some website (like Facebook, twitter, Gmail) then it prompt user to save password in the browser and it automatically fills all the details next time you visit same site so that you can have instant access to website without actually remembering your password and manually fill all the details to login.

Google chrome


This feature works efficiently for those websites that generates password itself for the user, these passwords are very lengthy and complicated, so in that case most of us either save that password in our Google chrome or just manually change it after our first login. But still this save password features has done a great job. Not only this, it can store multiple login information for the same website.


But is it really safe to store our password to Google chrome? Do you know that besides you and chrome, anyone one can see these password easily at chrome? Do not panic!

This is how you can see passwords in Google chrome:

  1. Write chrome://settings/passwords” in your address bar.

Google chrome

  1. It will open password window, which tells about for how many websites we are storing password in it.

Google chrome

  1. Those passwords are first appeared as they are hidden but if you click any link then an option “show” appears which will reveal the password you have saved for that website.


And for showing any password you have saved in it needs your computers password to authenticate( only in the latest version of Google chrome ). So in latest version of chrome another option appears before it shows your password:

Google chrome

The problem…?!

  1. Problems with saving password in chrome will eventually makes your identification vulnerable to various phishing attacks and hackers can easily steal the password from it.
  2. Second thing is that the protection of passwords are not so strong it needs password of your computer as the authentication factor (only in latest versions of chrome), so if anybody know the password of your computer then it can access all your stored password.

What to do?

  1. First of all stop saving password in Google chrome, it only makes your identification more easy to hack. Just go to “chrome://settings”then go to advance section. There is a subsection of password & forums, simply uncheck the “offer to save your web password”. After unchecking this option Google chrome will not prompt again to save your password.

Google chrome

  1. Now if you really want to store your password then you must make sure that all the passwords are safe. For that purpose use lastpass, these are the password managers that works with all browsers. What is does that it creates a master password and makes your password a lot more safe.

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I am recommending this because authentication using computer password is way simple and makes your system vulnerable to threats and if you use this manager the you can have actual control on your passwords as it generates a powerful authentication factor.

NOTE : [older version of Google chrome does not have any type of authentication factor. Download a newer version from here]

Something cool about Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox

In terms of security of stored password, Mozilla Firefox is better than chrome just because of the fact that it allows us to generate a master password for all the saved password, in this way our passwords are more secure than Google chrome.

Be safe and have fun.