Make your pen drive Bootable

In this article we will be using Command prompt to make USB flash drive (aka pen drive) bootable for installing Windows on your computer.

Now if you are using pen drive as a source to install windows on your system then I suggest you to make only that pendrive bootable whos capacity is atleast 4 GB. Larger the capacity of USB flash drive, the better. So lets make your USB bootable….

How to create a Bootable USB flash drive (pen drive) using command prompt?

How to make a bootable pen drive

  1. Insert pendrive on your computer. Open “command prompt” as an administrator (by typing cmd on search tool, right click on it then click run as administrator)

NOTE: Type All The Commands In Command Prompt Without Quotes

  1. On command prompt, type “diskpart” and press enter, then wait for few sec while the diskpart program runs
  1. Now Type “list disk” and press enter; list disk command will show you the list of active drives on your computer
  1. Now select the disk which you want to make bootable

Generally windows shows “disk 0” for your hard disk and “disk 1” for your pen drive. You can also recognize it by looking at the amount of capacity of the respective drive.

  1. Then type “select disk 1”; select disk command is used for selecting a particular disk for performing operations on it.

After selecting disk you can cross check whether or not the right disk is selected by command prompt by again typing “list disk” and press enter, cmd will put an ‘*’ on the selected disk.

  1. Now type “clean” and hit enter; clean command is used to erase all the data present in that respective drive (which is your pen drive in this case)
  1. After successful cleaning of data, type “create partition primary” and press enter; create partition primary will create a partition on that disk and windows will recognize that partition as partition 1.
  1. Now type “select partition 1” and press enter
  1. Type “active” and press enter; active command make the current partition active
  1. Now type “format fs = ntfs quick” and press enter; this command tells the computer to quickly format the partition as NTFS file system
  1. Now type “exit”; this exit command is used to exit from diskpart and not from command prompt so do not close it.

Final steps :

Lets say my pen USB drive is ‘h‘ and my windows files are stored in ‘g’ drive, then we have to set ‘g’ drive as active….How to make a bootable pen drive

  1. Type ‘g:‘ and press enter to set ‘g‘ as active drive
  2. Now type “cd boot” and hit enter; directory will look something like “g:\boot>
  3. Now type “bootsect/nt60 h:” and press enter; we are creating a boot sector in ‘h‘ drive (USB flash drive)
  4. Type exit to close command prompt

Now USB flash drive is bootable

Lastly we have to copy all the files of windows OS from your hard drive or DVD to your USB flash drive.

Some noteworthy points:

  1. I am stuck while typing cd boot! :There are some possibilities that you might stuck after you input this command in command prompt, make sure that the windows file are directly accessible by command prompt, which means when you open the drive or DVD in which the windows files are present you can directly see those windows folders and one of the folders named “boot” must be present with those files
  2. Is the USB flash drive is made bootable forever? : It depends! If you somehow change the name of your USB flash drive then your pen drive will no longer be bootable. So if you want your flash drive to be bootable then do not change its name ?

This is not the only thing command prompt can do check out some more amazing things about command prompt in this article

If you still have any issue then ask me in the comment section….