How To Increase Ram Of Your Computer Using Pen Drive / USB

There are usually two ways to increase ram of your computer using pen drive / USB, you can opt any one of these to make your computer faster.

This is pretty old concept but, there are lots of people who are unaware about this trick. That’s why i have decided to share it with you guys. Now, why more ram? Simply because, we want our computer to work faster and process things quickly…. that is what ram does! It speeds up your system.

But frankly speaking, i don’t want to spend money on new ram, even i do have empty slots for installing ram on my laptop. Sometimes there are no slots available for a new ram! So, in that case, the best you can do is to increase ram of your computer using pen drive / USB.

How To Increase Ram Of Your Computer Using Pen drive / USB

1st Method ::: Virtual Ram concept for windows

  1. First, insert your pen drive.
  2. Now, open My Computer, right click and then click on Properties.
  3. In properties window, click on Advance system settings.
  4. Now, open Advance tab and click on settings button in performance section.
  5. Now, another window will appear, go to advance tab.
  6. In this, there is virtual memory section, click on change.

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For increasing virtual memory:

  1. Virtual memory window has appeared, after you click on change in previous step.
  2. Now Uncheck, Automatically manage page size feature“.
  3. Then, in custom size, add your pen drive

NOTE :: If current available size of your pen drive is 8 Gb, then, for the safety of your device, add 10Mb less value of the available space. Suppose the available space is 7200 Mb, then you should use 7190 Mb (max value to use, only for safety purpose), you can use less than this value if you want to.

  1.  After you chose the value you want to use, add that value in both the boxes. Increase ram of your computer using readyboost and virtual memory
  2. Now, click  Apply. Restart you system.
  3. Your pen drive now will work as virtual ram.

Sometimes, people finds it difficult to implement the above mentioned method and, if you are one of them, apply below method to increase the ram of your computer using pen drive.

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2nd Method :: Using ReadyBoost in windows 8,8.1,7,10

  1. First, insert the pen drive
  2. Right click on it > open properties > open ReadyBoost tab. Increase ram of your computer using readyboost
  3. Now, click on use this device, then reduce the current memory space around 250-300 MB.
  4. Click on Apply, you’re all done!

NOTE :: If you want to use your device as normal again then, go to properties of pen drive > readyboost > click, don’t use this device.


  1. Always, safely eject your pen drive, else your device might get damage.
  2. In virtual memory method, if you want to use your pen drive as normal then, in Virtual settings; remove custom values and click on automatically manage paging size.
  3. Do not forget to revert back your pen drive to normal! You can also do it by deleting readyboost file from your pen drive.

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Hope this post is knowledgeable and helped you to increase ram of your computer using your pen drive. Two methods have been discussed in this post : Virtual memory method & Readyboost method. So, if you like this post do not forget to share it with your friends!