Facebook is the most used social network today!! It is a great utility to get in touch with your friends, family and almost anyone you know in which you can share images, status and see what other peoples are upto.

Not only this you can allow peoples to follow you on Facebook (if they are not on your friends list) by which peoples can see what you share on Facebook publicly.

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Facebook also allows you to recover your lost data if you have deleted it by mistake and want it back for some reason. So, overall Facebook is fantastic and must use utility because you are receiving all these services for free, isn’t it?

But nothing in this world comes free; and so does Facebook! By using Facebook, you are giving all your information to tons of companies.


How the companies are tracking you on Facebook ?

Whenever we download an app and sign in with our Facebook account through their Facebook login – we are actually providing them a look into our Facebook profile. As we all know that our profile contains all the detailed information about us like email address, current address and even our mobile number. Another interesting thing is that if you are sharing any of your personal data with your friend then apps used by your friend can also see your data.

What companies do with the data they are getting by tracking you on Facebook

Facebook Ad tech partners, Advertiser and Facebook app developers don’t get direct look at your personal data. They won’t see my name is Birender Singh Rawat, my phone number is 08xxxx, i’m male and my working place – Facebook uses different types of algorithm to make all these data anonymous to protect privacy of the users before giving it to partners in bulk so that they can’t able to identify as an individual.

They get the data and use to serve you more targeted ads.

Worried about your Facebook privacy?

We can do two things to get more privacy on Facebook:

  1. Opt out of ad tracking
  2. Check out the list of app companies that are logged in to our Facebook account

Step two will help you realize how much information you are giving away to companies who are tracking you on Facebook which is rather alarming if you haven’t done it in a while.

How to find out the companies that are tracking you on Facebook

How to deal with ad tracking :

Ads that are coming anonymously to you, so even if they seems to be targeted but they are actually not and people similar to you are also getting the same ads.

    1. Click on the arrow on the top right of your Facebook page
    2. Then click on settingshow to stop facebook from tracking you
    3. In the left panel, click Adsblock facebook from tracking you
    4. Now you’ll see some Ads section, click on edit for each sectionfind who tracking you Facebook
    5. Inside the edit menu, a hypothetical example is used in which my friends are apparently seeing an ad for a sushi restaurant that it appears i have endorsed (the ad is triggered by the fact that i liked the sushi restaurant in the past).
  1. To fix this, you just need to change the option to no one” and hit “save changes”. Do this for all sections of ads.4th

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How to deal with app companies tracking you on Facebook:

Checking out the list of app companies requires bit more digging.

  1. Click on lock symbol on top right corner of the Facebook page
  2. For a deep dive into settings, click on see more settings5th
  3. Now on the left panel click on Apps
  4. And here is the huge shocking list – it includes all the app companies that are tracking you on Facebook. Apparently i have allowed 57 app companies to access my Facebook account. You can have full list by clicking on show all 6th
  5. Hover your mouse over the app to edit app’s permission or completely delete it so that it can’t have access to your Facebook to find app companies tracking you on Facebook
  6. Now if i open flipkart app settings you can see that it contains information about me, my friends list and even my email address. This is pretty much of information about me, but some apps also dredging through friends work and almost everything else about them. Hopefully, i have not allowed any app like this, but if you do; then edit their settings or just delete those app if you can.block app tracking companies
  7. Now you can scroll down in this apps listing page, you can see two most important options which will shock you further more.9thh
  8. Out of these two the most important one is  Apps other use – where you can see all the data you are letting your friends see and these data is also being seen by the apps your friends use!!!10th
  9. Uncheck those boxes to keep your data private.

Hope this will increase the overall security of your data by blocking the companies tracking you on Facebook.

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