Why to disable USB ports on computer?how to disable USB port in windows

Universal Serial Bus ports are provided on computer for attaching flash drives and other types of peripheral devices, and we use that port too often for transferring data through pen drives.

But what if someone uses your computer without letting you know and transfer all important file to pen drive or in any other storage media? or what about this, someone connected their infected pen drive to your computer and your computer get the virus too, what ever be the reason; it is very important to protect your data in computer.

So, no one can transfer data/virus in or out from your computer without your information!!

Steps to disable USB ports on computer (windows os) via registry:

  1. Press windows button + R to open run
  2. Now type regedit and hit enter
  3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SYSTEM-> CurrentControlSet-> service-> usbstor
  4. Now double click on start, in work area
  5. Enter 4, in Value data box and hit enter
  6. Now close registry, then refresh your computer to check whether or not your USB port are accepting any device or not

disable USB port on windows

Now USB ports on your computer is not going to allow any device to get connected through it.

But another important thing to learn is how to enable USB ports: so in order to enable USB ports on your computer you have to set the value 3 in value data box in step 5.

IMPORTANT: It is a good practice to save your computer from intruders, but when you disable USB ports on your computer via registry, then registry will disable all your USB ports, so, if your keyboard and mouse are connected through USB (which is mostly what the case is,) then they will not work.

This feature is good to enable on laptops where there is no headache of USB connection of keyboard & mouse.

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Protect your data & have fun!!