What is a niche website?

A niche website is basically a website that contains information about a particular topic. A niche is considered as a “great niche” when it is low in competition and is for those who want to earn money quickly without much efforts. Generally a niche should be an evergreen website so that you can earn from it for a long time without much difficulties. By evergreen I mean, the topic you choose should be popular enough to get decent amount of searches.

A niche website can be used for any topic that you like to read or share about and must have as low competition as possible, if competition is high then there are less chances that you will get ranked higher in search engines.Niche Website

A niche website or a blog?

The answer to this question is “it depends”! It depends on:

  1. whether you want to write for making money or it’s just your hobby
  2. How much time and efforts you want to put in

So, if you want to make money, love to write, share knowledge to your readers and ready to put your time and efforts in to it, then you should prefer a blog over niche website.

But if you main concern is generating income online with less efforts, long term income and especially when you don’t like writing part then you should go for niche website.

What are the benefits of niche websites??

According to Google indexing, niche websites are ranked higher than other websites or blogs, the reason being that:

  1. it contains actual keyword about a topic in the domain
  2. it contains information about all related keywords that being searched in Google or any other search engine

So, if the priority of a niche website is greater than other, then it is most likely to get higher visitors than a blog and more visitors a website has, the more it is profitable.

Steps to create a profitable niche websiteHow to create a niche website

A profitable niche site is full of visitors, low in competition and generating decent amount of money for long time, with less efforts.

The things which must be kept in mind to make your niche a profitable one are:

  1. get an idea of a niche which is low in competition

This is the most important and time consuming process. You should come up with an idea that no one is talking about, and if your niche are different and unique then number of visitors will increase.

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Google provides a free tool known as Google keyword planner tool, though which you can actually see how much searches a particular keyword gets each month and not only this, you can actually see whether that niche is low in competition or not.

Play around with your ideas and try to think outside the box. Try to get a niche with say, at least of 2500 searches and not more than 50000 searches a month.

  1. Check whether the ads are available for your niche or not

Now after getting the idea of the niche you want to target, the second thing you need to check whether the ads are available for that niche or not. See, you can set up a site like “Eminem photographs” but if you type this in Google search engine, do you see any ads?? Certainly not!! So if you build a site where there will be no related ads and if you do get visitors, they are unlikely to click on that ads. So if any ads are showing in the Google search then it is a great niche!!

  1. Set up a site

successful niche websiteNow if you have chosen the niche that you want to target, then it’s time to build a web site, for that you need to get a domain name (it should contain the main keyword, for example, if my niche is basketball drills, then domain name should be like “”), i suggest you to buy a domain name which is cheap and costs you around 9.95$ a year from

Buy a hosting account which is very reliable just like baby plan of, they provide great support online. Then choose a good SEO optimized theme, I prefer to buy themes from because they have fantastic themes for any type of site.
Dedicated server low cost – web hosting prices – domain registration cheapest

  1. Add quality content for your website

Now if you build a website for your niche, it’s time to add quality and genuine content to it. By genuine I mean the content that you wrote by yourself and not copied from anywhere else, because Google can detect that and will index you very low on their search engine.

The content that you put into your site should contains all the related key words that are showing in Google keyword planner tool.

  1. Monetize your website

what is niche websiteAfter your site is online, sign up for Google ad-sense account and monetize your website so that ads will roll over to your site, which will be permanent and will generate you income.

  1. Promote your site on social media

Now if you have followed the above steps properly, you don’t need to do this step. Niche websiteBut in case you don’t get many visitors to your site, this is what you can do for your niche website:

  • Create a Facebook page and provide backlinks to your site
  • Make an account on twitter, Reddit, Pintrest, and provide backlinks to your site

It will surely increase traffic to your site.

I hope you like this article. I would love to hear your feedback and if you have any questions feel free to ask.