how to make a blog

What is a blog?

A blog is an abbreviate of the term called ”weblog”. A weblog is a type of website that contains information in broader perspective and has variety of topics (or simply the topics from different domains) than a usual website has.

What is blogging?

Blogging is an art which require skills to manage a blog. The skills like, search engine optimization, publishing post, writing & editing content and maintaining the theme (or the design of your website).

Blogging can be of two types:

  1. Hobby blogging – in which you usually write about the topic that you like, which might be your habit or your perspective on various things and you generally do it for fun.
  2. Professional blogging – in which you usually write about the content through which you can generate income online.

Hobby blogging can be professional blogging – hobby bloggers writes the content to their sites and do not care much about getting visitors to their site, they do so for fun. But if that content is worth consuming and sharing lots and lots of peoples responds to their blog and soon they realize that they can actually make money out of it. Then they opt techniques and tries to write content in a more specific and decent way and soon they totally get into professional blogging.

What is the initial cost of setting up a blog or website?

A successful blog or website has 3 major areas – domain name, hosting account and a theme, so guys stay glued to this post and in a moment I will be telling you how to get these in under 40$, YES!!

3 steps for getting a perfect and cheap professional blog


Step 1.) Buy a domain namehow to start a blog

Domain name is like the content of your house, which should be small in size, and must be an eye catching so that it is easy to remember. Human minds are great, but ideas doesn’t pop up automatically, think about something innovative and come up with a great idea.

Generally, I prefer to buy a domain name from, because of the quality of service they provide and 1 year of free whois guard that protect your personal information to get online and all that in a few bucks and by far they are the cheapest domain name provider.

So, if you are looking for buying a domain name that is cheap, with a great customer support with, free 1 year whois guard, then head over to

Step 2.) Buy a hosting account for your website

how to start a blog

Now if you have bought a domain name for your blog, then it’s time to get a hosting account for it. A domain name without a hosting account is nothing. If domain name implies the contents of the house, then hosting account provides the online space for the content and makes it possible, that everyone can access this website from anywhere in the world.

Now if you are looking for a cheap hosting account then my suggestion is, go for, they have an amazing plan called baby plan through which you can register any number of domains at absolutely no cost at all. Visit their site and checkout their plans.

Step 3.) Buy a theme

Now if you have the content of your house, got space for that content, then it’s time to provide infrastructure to your house which not only makes your house look beautiful but also improves the user experience.

Now you certainly thinking that, why should I buy a domain name when they are available for free use, read my article on  “FREE or PREMIUM WORDPRESS THEME“.

Now, the site that I personally trusted the most is,, they provide great online support and membership for 1 year after buying any theme from them and the theme will be yours forever, so, you can change it according to your need and use it for more than 1 site with, no extra cost and their themes are amazing, SEO friendly and responsive.

So if you wish to buy an amazing theme then, go to

How to make your blog successful?

If you follow my same steps, then you will find your blog with full of visitor every day.

  1. Determine the target audience

  • This is the most crucial step, and you have to spend a lot of time thinking about which audience you want to target and then post the content related to that.
  • Just try to focus on a particular type of audience rather than bunch of different types.
  • Help peoples and makes their interest in your blog. So, if anyone lose their interest from the content you have posted, then you probably lose the potential buyers and visitors. You all with me….??
  • Focus more on the topic that is low in competition so that you get ranked higher and lots of peoples click on your page.
  • Offer various free bees to your subscriber and convince your readers to subscribe by giving free e-books and other stuff.
  1. blogBe consistent with your blog

  • Add quality content to your blog on regular basis
  • Remember, you have to choose quality over quantity
  • You should not randomly post about anything you find
  • You should post at least one article daily
  • Feel the expectation and needs of your targeted audience


  1. Make your blog look professionalblog

  • The more attractive the user interface, the better
  • Choose a theme that suits with your blog
  • Do not chose free themes, it makes a bad impression on the readers mind
  • Choose quality photographs for your posts


  1. Make your blog interactive and transform it into a community

  • It is very important aspect that your readers are enjoying reading the articles, else they move on to something more worth consuming
  • Motivate your audience to give comments and ask queries, interact with them, and if possible, then you can also take ideas from them about what they like and what they don’t.
  • Try to resolve your reader’s queries in a day
  • Ask them to share your articles on internet


  1. Build high quality backlinksblog

  • Backlinks means that other high quality sites are linking to your site, and when I say high quality site, then I mean sites like, Facebook, twitter, tumbler, pinterest and so on.
  • Provide a high quality and a unique content and post that into you Facebook pagetwitter, Pinterest and tumbler account, so that, lots of people get to know about your post and share them back and thus creating a high quality backlinks
  • Higher the promotion of your content on social media, the better.


Hope you guys enjoyed this article. Feel free to ask anything and I love to hear the feedback from you.