A small introduction to Evernote:

Evernote is a must have app, isn’t it? This app seriously make us remember everything and organize our events thus it makes our life a lot easier.

In Evernote, we can make future schedules, to-do lists, work plans, note on our ideas, etc. and because of which it is considered as a most useful app. Evernote Corporation is the developer of this free app which has over millions of downloads.

Evernote is basically a organizing & clipping tool available for various operating system. Clipping any webpage allows us to read that page even we are offline (means in the absence of internet connection).

TIP: How to download entire website to your computer

How to use evernoteHow to clip any webpage for offline reading:

  1. So first of all you have to log in to your evernote account through your registered E-mail ID. Now if you are using Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a web browser then download the extension “Evernote web clipper” from their respective store. I have provided the direct link to web clipper for chrome & mozilla:

Evernote web clipper for Google chrome

Evernote web clipper for Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the link and click on Add to chrome or Add to Firefox.
  2. Now click on its icon on the right side of address bar and sign in to this extension to enable it.
  3. Now open menu options of this extension.
  4. Now choose the type of clip and click save to save that webpage

  1. Now go to your evernote application on desktop or mobile and click on sync , to sync the webpage you have clipped.
  2. Now you can read that webpage even when you have no internet connection.

Types of clipping on Evernote:

There are 3 types of clipping available for Evernote:

  1. Article – use to clip article only and nothing else
  2. Simplified article – use to clip article without graphics
  3. Full Page – use to clip full page which includes all the resources, comments, menu bar, etc.

Other things that we can do with this Evernote extention:

With this extension you can easily:

  1. Bookmark any webpage
  2. Take a screen shot of any paragraph (can be used to take important points from any article)
  3. Share anything i.e. web page you have clipped, bookmark, screen shot etc. with anyone.

Download links for Evernote application:download evernote for android, apple and windows

Download Evernote for AndroidDownload Evernote for iOSDownload Evernote for Windows