When You Have Been Blocked On WhatsApp, How To Chat With Them

How to chat when you have been blockedYou have blocked a person or have been blocked on whatsapp but want to have conversation with them. Oh! My friend you have landed on the right page for your solution.
If you have blocked that person then get to the Settings>Account>Privacy>Blocked contact and unblock your required person.

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But wait… what if you have been blocked on WhatsApp and you are unaware ?       [She might losing interest in relationship]

Steps To Check If You Have Been Blocked On WhatsApp

  1. Check the status, profile pic, last seen of that contact. (Not visible)
  2. Try to send a message to that contact if it stays undelivered (single tick) then my reader you are blocked.

Now congratulations you have been blocked, so whats the solution to chat with the one’s who blocked you.

What to do?

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You have been blocked on whatsapp

when you have been blocked on whatsapp, create a group with that person.

  1. Ask your common friend to “create a Group”.

  2. Tell your friend to add you and the person that blocked you.
  3. Yes! Now, you can send and receive messages with that person. (A great success)

Hurray! Now you can chat with them and get yourselves clear. Problem solved!


This may lead your common friend to be blocked by that person for helping you  ?


Some sites claim that deleting Whatsapp account will unblock you but with the new update it is hardly possible. during our testing we were not able to unblock ourselves. Deleting your account will delete your chats and database of your account. Try it at your own Risk.

Please share your experience in comment section below and don’t forget that sharing is learning. Do share and comment.

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