Many computer geek and techies like me always wants to download a website entirely in order to read it whenever they want even in absence of internet. Some want to download website because of research purpose while others want to download because they don’t have internet connection every time on their computer so they need it whenever they get internet from somewhere.

But, whatever be your reason for downloading website, with this guide you will be able to download a single webpage, download recent blog post and even download entire website for free.

So i am going to discuss all three points one by one, but if you are looking for specific section then you can click the link of your interest to go to that part.

how to download any website for reading offline

How to download Individual web page:

Well, if you want to download individual web page then nothing is better than using clipper of Evernote. With the help of Evernote you can save lots of individual webpages for online or offline reading as a repository. If you are new to Evernote and don’t know how to “clip pages using evernote then i recommend to take a look at it.

You can perform the same function using pocket app, both of them provide same feature i.e. downloading a webpage which you can access on your computer and mobile.

How to download recent blog articles:

Now if you are willing to download recent blog posts of any website then i recommend you to use calibre. This software downloads the latest article in a eBook. Calibre automatically loads the list of recent article when you enter website’s URL in it, you can customize the output generated by calibre according to your need; there are various formats available from the Kindle to the Nook and everything in between them.

How to download entire website:

You must be thinking that this is going to be tricky, don’t you? But believe me, this isn’t! It is as easy as downloading a web page through Evernote. For downloading a complete website, we have an amazing tool which can download any website automatically in just few clicks, which not only saves your time but also saves you from complicated tasks and its download file is ~5Mb.

For this purpose we use HTTrack website copier. This is the best tool i have ever come across which allows you to download any website to its local directory from world wide web, it literally downloads each and every file of the website from its server, like images, posts, HTML files etc. etc.

how to download any website to computer

The best part about this tool is that, it creates exact replica of that website and you can browse the website offline from link to link as if you were viewing it online. Additionally you can configure it as per your requirement and can also resume interrupted download.

It takes time according to size of website and speed of your internet.

Now enjoy downloading your website!!