undeletable folders

There are lots of tools available for windows operating system which locks your files, folders or even your drives to protect it from any kind of unauthorized access. The software’s like folder lock: put password on folder or drive and lots of other locker software allows you to gain control over your files.

But this is not the case every time, if you do not want to lock your folder or files rather you want create a folder which can be accessible by other users and no user except you can alter or modify these folder (i.e. delete or rename) then you have to adopt some other technique because this type of facility is not provided by any type of folder locking software. Which basically means that you want to create undeletable folders.

So, if your priority is the latter one, then follow along.

Small basics of windows:

There are some reserved keywords that are used by windows operating system, like: aux, con, lpt1, lpt2 and so on up to lpt9. If you try to change the names of these folder an error message will be popped up in your screen showing “The specified device name is invalid”.

undeletable folder

why windows does not allows to change the name of these folders?

This is because these keywords are used by windows OS and contains important data, so it will not allow any user to change that name or delete it. If you find any folder with a reserved name then try to delete it yourself.

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Now up to this point you will have a small idea about what i am going to do and what actually the logic behind in it, in order to make a undeletable folders which are also unrenamable.

How to create undeletable folders?

    1. Press windows key (or go to start menu and click run) to open run dialogue box.
    2. Open command window by typing cmd on run dialogue box and hit enter.
    3. 3.In command prompt  type the drive where you want to create a file. For example, F: or G:

NOTE: [you cannot create a folder with a reserved name on that drive where your windows is installed].

  1. Now type md aux\ through this command a new folder will be created with the name called “aux”. [ where md = make directory ]

create undeletable & renamable folder

  1. Now open your drive where you want to create a folder, on that drive you will find a folder “aux”. similarly you can create as many folders as you want with the available reserved keywords.
  1. Now add whatever you want to add to this folder.

Now, windows will not allow you to delete or even rename this folder if you try to do so.

How to delete undeletable folders?

As I have said earlier that windows OS will not allows you to delete this folder manually, but you can do so using command prompt.

  1. Open command prompt as an administrator
  2. Type the F: or G:, the drive location where the folder that you have created is present.
  3. Now type rd aux\ command to delete the folder named aux. [Where rd : remove directory].

undeletable folders

  1. Now you can open that drive to cross check whether the folder is deleted or not.

Hope this article helps you. Feel free to ask anything in the comment section.