Worried about shortcut virus? This guide will let you defeat the shortcut virus in your pen drive or present in the desktop PC. The infected files may be hidden or become unusable under virus attack. It doesn’t look healthy? Right!

In addition to this problem and observing the complaints, I developed this guide to aware you with this type of shortcut virus and protect your system from these virus attack.

Firstly, start with detecting the type of virus: Flash drive shortcut virus and files & folder


Files and Folder shortcut virus

shortcut virus

This shortcut virus replicates the files and folder present in your drive and replaces it with shortcut.exe of nearly 1kb. It is Trojan + worm. The worst thing is that it leaves you helpless as it creates a link to your files and folder, you click it and the virus is executed. The virus starts to duplicate itself and install scripts that monitor your computer stats and steal your confidential data and personal information.

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus

Shortcut Virus

You might have seen this type of shortcut created while accessing your drive. Warning: It is Trojan. The antivirus is not able to handle this kind of virus attack. It creates the Flash Disk Shortcut.exe of 1kb equivalent as shown in image. It injects the harmful software applications that spy your computer system.

First Step

Your antivirus is inefficient to detect the shortcut virus. So to be on the safe side, don’t open the portable disk drive via autorun or my computer. Below is the complete assistant to shortcut virus to do list.


    • Make a habit, not to open flash drive via autorun.
    • Open the flash drive by right clicking it ,then click explore so as to prevent ant scripts to run.
    • Try to recover the hidden files to thwart clicking the shortcut. For this follow following set of instructions:
  • Go to my documents or any explorer, in the file menu click view.
  • Check the box to show the hidden files.

Shortcut Virus

Why antivirus doesn’t help

It may be possible that the virus infected file is hidden from the antivirus as it bypass the antivirus virus test or PUP( potentially unwanted programs) therefore don’t blame or uninstall the antivirus from your system.

How to remove shortcut virus from flash drive using Command prompt/CMD?

This is one of the best method and my favorite beside the virus removal software.

  • Click windows button Or press win key + R and search for “Command prompt”.
  • Type the drive letter (say H: )
  • Type this command     attrib –h –r –s /s /d h:*.*cmd image

Where h: is the drive to recover.

  • Press enter and wait for some time.

Please change the drive name with your drive letter. This letter varies with individual system. For query please leave  a comment in the comment section.

Other professional methods available to detect and recover the hidden files from flash drive are:

Software method:

  1. Trojorm removal software tool
  2. Recuva software
  3. Shortcut virus fix folder

How to prevent shortcut virus for near future?

If you want to suspend shortcut virus for future then install HFV as your major defence and a total security antivirus which is capable of detecting malware bytes to give you maximum protection.