While downloading an interesting application from Google Play Store we often receive an error message in numeric form. Pretty annoying right?

So i have included the list of common Google Play Store error codes with their solutions.

List of Most Google Play Store Error Codes With their Fixes:

Google Play Store error DF-BPA-09 'error processing purchase'

Meaning ::

Google Play error DF-BPA-09 is a processing purchase error that happens quite often while purchasing an application. It won’t go away by simply tapping on try downloading again.

Solution ::

  • Go to settings of your device
  •  Open applications / app manager
  • swipe to all column
  • Scroll down to Google Service Framework
  • Chose clear data and then tap ok

If the above solution doesn’t work for you then you can open Google Play Store on your computer then install that app giving you error. Now go back to your device and again try installing it, it should work.

How to Solve Google Play Store error code

Google Play Store error code 194

Meaning ::

This error generally pops up while trying downloading an  application or game from Google Play Store.

Solution ::

Google Play Store Error code 194 is generally fixed by clearing out the cache data of Google Play Service & Google Play Store. For this..

  • Go to settings and then Apps / Application Manager
  • Open ‘All apps’ then scroll down to Google Play Store.
  • open ‘app details’ and tap on ‘Force Stop’ button.
  • Now tap ‘Clear data’ button.

Repeat the above steps for ‘Google Play Service’, now try downloading that application.

Make sure that you have the latest version of Google Play Store installed.

Google Play Store error code 495

Meaning ::

This error occurs while downloading / updating any application from Google Play Store

Solution ::

To fix this you have to delete data of Google Play Store and Google framework (doing this will assign a new Google id to your device).

  • Go to settings, then apps
  • Open all apps section and scroll down to ‘Google Play Store’
  • Now tap on Clear data

Now repeat the above process with Google Framework.

If the problem still persists then; delete your Google account from the device, reboot it and then again add Google account to it. Now try to download / update apps, it should work.

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Google Play Store error code 941

Meaning ::

Mostly occurs while updating an application.

Solution ::

This problem get fixed by clearing cache and data of Google Play Store and Download Manager. For this..

  • Go to settings > Apps > All > Google Play service
  • Then tap of clear cache and clear data

Repeat above steps for Download Manager too. Now try to update your apps

Google Play Store error solution

Google Play Store error code 504

Meaning ::

Due to this error no application could be downloaded.

solution ::

Solution for this problem is same, as usual..

  • Go to setting > apps > all > Google Play Store
  • Then tap on clear data and clear cache
  • clearing cache and data of Google Framework is also recommended.

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Google Play Store error code 491

Meaning ::

impossible to download or update and application on the device from Google Play Store.

Solution ::

For Google Play Store error 491, you have to delete your Google account.

  • Go to settings > accounts > Google account and tap on remove account.
  • Now reboot your device and go to settings > apps > Google Play Service then you have to force stop and then clear data.

Play Store solved

Google Play Store error code 498

Meaning ::

Interruption of downloads from Google Play Store

Solution ::

This problem generally happens when cache memory of your device is full. And this can be solved by..

  • Removing the apps and files not needed.
  • After that restart your smartphone in recovery mode by pressing volume down and power button for most of smartphones and volume down, power button and home button for Samsung devices.
  • While in this mode, select ‘wipe cache partition’ and wipe out your cache (you can navigate using volume up and down keys).
Google Play Store error code 919

Meaning ::

App does not loading after successful download.

Solution ::

This problem generally persists when memory of your android device is full and there is no more space for any app to open.

  • This can be fixed by eliminating all redundant data like, music, files, videos or any large application

play store error

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Google Play store error code 413

Meaning ::

Almost impossible to update even download and application. Operation of Google Play Service is affected greatly if you use proxy, it creates many problems.

Solution ::

This can be fixed by..

  • clearing cache of the browser(s) you are using.
  • Then clear data of Google Play service and Google Play Store.
Google Play Store error code 921

Meaning ::

Unable to download any application.

Solution ::

  • First delete the cache of Google Play Store. Now try to download any application from Play Store.

If it doesn’t work then you have to delete all your Google Play Store application data (it removes all the settings previously made), it should work and if not then remove your Google account from your device, reboot it and again connect your Google account.

how to remove play store error quickly

Google Play Store error 923

Meaning ::

Download is impossible in this case; error while syncing the account or insufficient cache memory.

Solution ::

  • Remove Google account form your smartphone
  • remove useless applications and data
  • Reboot your smartphone in recovery mode
  • wipe cache partition (no personal data will be lost)
  • Now restart your device
  • Again set up your Google account

Above method should work.

Google Play Store error code 492

Meaning ::

Application will be downloaded easily but could not install (because of the Dalvik cache).

Solution ::

  • Go to settings > Apps > All > Google Play Service > clear data > Force Stop

If it doesn’t solve the problem, then..

  • Delete Dalvik cache in recovery mode (only for device that are rooted)
  • Do a Factory reset of your device (for non rooted devices)(make sure you backed up everything before rooting your device)
Google Play Store error code 927

Meaning ::

Download of any application is impossible due to update of Google Play Store is in progress.

Solution ::

Let the update to be finished (just try downloading after few minutes), if the problem still persists then..

  • Go to settings > Apps > All > Google Play Service > clear data > Force stop
  • Repeat above step for Google Play Store


Google Play Store install error code 961

Meaning ::

Problems while installing applications from Google Play Store

Solution ::

First of all get the refund, which you can do so within 15 minutes of purchasing by simply selecting the option of repayment in Play store.

  • Go to settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > clear cache
  • Now try to download app again, if error occurs then delete data of Google Play Store

These are most of errors that can possibly be occurs in Google Play Store. Do you came across any other error? Tell us in comment section below.

If this post helps you then do share it with your friends who gets these types of errors frequently..