Google – The most used search engine in the world with unique visitors of one billion each month. Reason for Google’s popularity is because of its simplicity and usability.

If we talk more about the popularity of Google then the major role is played by the style of homepage they have used to search queries. The homepage of Google consists of a search bar with two buttons – Google Search & I’m Feeling Lucky. We prefer to use Google search button each time we search web which takes us to top 10 results that matches our query, while the button I’m Feeling Lucky takes us to the top page of Google that matches our query.

best Google tips and tricks

Since I’m feeling lucky button takes you directly to the page of your related query, some peoples used this button to create innovative and funny results.

But it seems like you are not using I’m Feeling Lucky button too often, right? But i promise, after this post you are going to try this every day when alone, with friends and with every body!!

First you need to go to, then you have to type the phrase that are given below then click I’m Feeling Lucky to see some crazy results. For this you have to disable Google instant search (which you can do by going to settings tab provided at the bottom right corner of google homepage, then click on search settings and select “never show instant results” then click save).

I’m Feeling Lucky – Google tricks:

Google Gravity:

Gravity is the force that binds every thing on ground. If you type Google Gravity on search bar and click I’m Feeling Lucky then you will realize how Google would have been if gravity had been effective on internet.

First you will though that you are on Google’s homepage but soon you will see the effect of gravity on internet, you can also move things around on that page by holding left click. It only works on Google chrome & Firefox, and not on IE.


Google Rainbow:Top 10 Google hacks tips and tricks

Search for this phrase and you will find yourself to Google search home page where you can see the text changing colors rapidly which gives perception of rainbow.

Epic Google:

Do “I’m Feeling Lucky” search on epic google to see the page expanding. The size of page increase until it becomes too large for screen.

Top google tricks and tips

Google pirates:

Search this phrase using I’m Feeling Luck and you will see the pirate version of Google. After this search you will find yourself at Google’s homepage, on first look you will not find anything special, but if you carefully observe the homepage you will find that Google is using pirates language everywhere!!

Google Sphere:

Have you ever see Google dancing in circular motion? If no, then you probably should watch this by searching it on I’m Feeling Lucky to see how the text moves around Google, in sphere! You can change the rotation of sphere in any direction by moving the mouse on over the rotating text.

It works on Google chrome, Firefox & IE 9


latest google tips and tricksAnnoying Google:

Google does not disappoints anyone, so if you want to get annoyed then search this phrase to see how annoying Google could be.

You will see homepage of Google with text having combination of small and large letter making it too hard to read.


LOL limewire:

You got to search this!! After you search for this phrase you will be taken to .swf file where they claim that you are a pirate and telling you “do what you want cause a pirate is free“. LOL!! ?


Who is the cutest:

You might be interested in knowing that who is the cutest person in this planet! Then use this phrase and click I’m Feeling Lucky to find that out!


Bored with old rick rolling prank, then try this one to discover something new!! So if you are ready to get chicken rolled then search it now because chicken is rolling for you.


Find chuck norris:

Love chuck norris jokes? Then search this phrase, it is for you; this phrase say that find chuck norris but he’s gonna find you!!

These are some top I’m Feeling Lucky tricks of Google, most of these are made by 3rd part while some of them are owned by Google.

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If you like these tricks then you can share it with your friends, Sharing is Caring! Have fun guys…!!