free themes vs premium themes

There are many free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes available to use on internet but selecting one of them for your blog or website is pretty hard, it is even harder for newbie’s because they get confused easily and can’t decide which theme they should go for, whether they buy a premium theme or stick with a free one.

Most of the bloggers who starts with WordPress, prefers to use free wordpress theme just because of the mindset that why to pay for a theme when we get it for free and yeah, why not, this is what I thought, when I started blogging I did use the free themes as well. The debate between the free theme and premium theme is a never ending topic.

In my opinion free themes are great, just because they are free and but almost no theme developers are really serious about their free version of theme because they generate no profit from it, and if they are not taking interest in it then there will be no update and proper support is provided by them. When I started blogging I thought – why to pay 20$ – 70$ when you get a theme for free? And then yes, I opted a free theme, but soon I realizes my mistake and the problems that I have faced during that time is:

  1. Support and updates

WordPress is a platform which constantly updates their technology after every month and your theme and plugins must be compatible with that version of WordPress.

When you are using a free wordpress theme it is not the responsibility of developer to provide update for that theme, they created those themes for promotional purposes and not as a real project, those free themes are the side projects to connect with their real projects.

While in case of paid themes it is the responsibility of the creator of the theme to provide regular updates, so that it will be compatible with WordPress.

Another thing is free support is provided with the premium themes; as all paid themes comes with a membership, whereas in free themes you can’t expect a free support.

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  1. SEO

Themes play a major role in overall SEO of your blog. There are many structured bug in free wordpress themes and mostly no one provides built in SEO optimization. In SEO 2015 post, it is important for your site not only to be SEO optimized but also offers accurate and precise code for faster loading of your blog.

  1. Encrypted links

The worst part about the free WordPress website is that the “footer link” which are actually very bad for the SEO of your website. Now you tell me why do you want to encrypt the footer of your website or a blog with a link, the better footer of your site provides great advantage on overall SEO of your blog and hence these links must be avoided at any cost, in my opinion that looks weird + spammy.

  1. Customization

Free WordPress themes can be customizable upto an extent, beyond which you can’t customize them while premium themes can be customized according to the users need without any limit.

Free themes provides limited number of customization option and it increases the difficulties for user to set up things according to their need while in case of premium wordpress themes you have unlimited amount of options and features to set things up.

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Hope you like this article guys. I would love to hear feedback from your side