change wifi password on computerMost of the time – computer is connected to a Wireless network but people don’t know the password of their WIFI, because they forgot, or sometimes vendor connects your computer to WIFI directly without revealing password to you and you also forgot to ask password of the same from vendor.

And now you are willing to connect another device, like your smart phone to the same WIFI, so how do you find out the password of your WIFI? So, for that purpose you can either contact your network vendor or just open command prompt and retrieve your password in few seconds.

Sometimes vendor also provide you IP address to check your WIFI status but in that too you have to login first and then open few tabs. So i guess it is more convenient to find password of your WIFI through command prompt. This technique is for both Windows and Mac operating system.

Find password of your WIFI in Windows:

First you have to open command prompt as an administrator (press start button then type cmd, right click on its icon and select run as administrator ). Now enter the command i have given below to command prompt:

netsh wlan show profile name = "Birender" key = clear

Now in this code you have to replace “Birender” with the name of your WIFI (also known as SSID). In below image you can see about where you find out the password of your WIFI.

change my router passwordNOTE: To see password in command prompt you must open cmd as an administrator or else you will not able to see your WIFI password.

Things to do if you see error:

Sometimes, while trying to retrieve password an error message appears which says : “The Wireless AutoConfig Service (wlansvc) is not running” – In order to deal with that you have to enable this service:

  1. click on start button and type services.msc 
  2. Now scroll down to the bottom of this window to find WLAN AutoConfig
  3. Make sure its status is running if not, then double click on it and click on start under service section

change password of your wifi

Find password of your WIFI on Mac OS X:

We can find password using BSD command “security” which retrieve the details stored in the Keychain by Mac OS X.

For this you need to open terminal window by pressing Cmd + space which will open spotlight, then type terminal. Now type the code given below:

security find-generic-password -ga Birender | grep password

Now you have to replace “Birender” with your SSID ( name of WIFI ). Upon successful execution of command you will find the password at the bottom of terminal window.

Something like :: “password : “your_password” ”

How to change password of your WIFI:

Now from the above process you will find password of your WIFI for sure, but what if you are not satisfied with it and want to change the password? Don’t worry, we have solution to this problems also:

Change password of your WIFI from computer:

  • Press windows key + R – to open Run command, then type “ncpa.cpl” and hit Enter

change wireless security password

  • Now click on Status.
  • Then go to wireless properties and open security tab

how to reset router password

  • Now click on show characters to reveal your password, and you can change password of your WIFI from here

Change password of your WIFI from Android/iOS device:

  • Open any browser and enter or
  • In one of the two link a page will open which ask username and password, enter “admin” for both column
  • After that you will see a tab named wireless or something similar, click on that tab
  • You will find a field for WIFI password, you can change your password from there.

changing my wifi password

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