Getting more followers is fun, right? I have a public page like most of the other Facebook users and personal profile which I kept public, all these I have used to be in touch with my friends and family and to share anything along with updates of this blog.

Most of the things that I am sharing on my personal Facebook profile is interesting only for my friends and family members but it is kind of boring to rest of the peoples, and the stuff that I used to update on my Facebook page could be the topic of interest for many other peoples.

Since you are posting stuff on your profile or in Facebook page it can be seen only by your friends list. So how can you let other people to see that stuff that you posted? Yes, through Follow button of Facebook.

Through Facebook follow button peoples can subscribe to your news feed and can see your regular updates.

Subscribing to Facebook profile:

There is only one difference between subscribing to a Facebook profile and liking a Facebook page is that in former you will receive updates of only those things that are shared public while in latter you will receive all the updates.

Facebook allows people to subscribe or Follow other peoples on Facebook and whenever you post something any update all the followers will receive your update in their news streams.

You cannot set a Facebook follow button until you set your profile public.

Lets see how to add Facebook follow button

  1. Go to settings and click on Followers option
  1. Set who can Follow me to “everybody”

how to get a facebook follow button


  1. Now you have to confirm this settings by moving to your Facebook profile page and click on “view as” button and finally click on “public” link to see which updates are public in your profile.

facebook following feature

Now you will be able to see the Facebook follow button on your timeline….

follow us on facebook button

Settings of Facebook follow button:

You can alter the default settings according to your privacy and convenience. You can set who can comment on your public Facebook posts.

Your followers can have unlimited number of followers but you can actually subscribe to Facebook profiles of only 5000 peoples.

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How to add Facebook follow button on your website’s post using WordPress:

When you add a Facebook follow button to your website, this is what it’s look like :

you can click this Facebook follow button to follow me on Facebook and/or you can like us on Facebook.

How to get this button:

  1. Go to Facebook followers settings, where you can see the follow plugin copy the code from inside to clipboard.

facebook follow code

  1. Go to your add new post section
  1. In writing section you will see a custom shortcode option, click on it.


  1. Now choose the type of custom code that you want, in this post I have used three fourth last.
  1. Now paste the code that you have copied in content section of this custom code and hit insert.

facebook follow code

Now preview your post and you can see your follow me on Facebook button in your post.

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Hope you guys enjoyed this article.