Express Your Love Without Words

show your loveIn a relation you are not required to say “I love you” again and again to your partner. You can show your love without uttering a word. Want to know how? Read further;

Love has taken a new road from past years. You might have seen some videos featuring a dude confessing his feeling for a girl whom he liked since high school, it seems romantic scream but it’s just a demand of audience to be appreciated for will.

The love can be silent but true- that doesn’t demand for attention but murmurs gently and humbly. That is the kind of warm love which is felt even it is goes unsaid but don’t take your love for granted. Allow me to quote a famous saying of mark twain, “Action speaks louder than words”. So, your gestures towards your girl plays an important role. Here is a list of gestures you can use to show your love gently to the one you love.

    1. Listen to your special someone sincerely: Communication plays pivotal role of strong relationship and rule of communication says that if you listen carefully then only you are a good listener and you can communicate effectively. It could be interesting when your love summarizes her day or listening to something that you find of least interest.
      What if you have listened to that story earlier? In that case, sit back with your ears and mind open, don’t interrupt and listen carefully. It’s the sweetest gesture to listen her stories with full attention.
    2. Manage Time to interact with partner: Let them know their value in your life, for that you need to borrow time from your schedule for them even if it’s a hectic schedule. Giving them priority and making them feel your love through this gesture.
    3. Don’t lose temper! : Hug her, offer a smile or give them space if you find them behaving different. It may not be what you think. Let them justify their your love
    1. Try to amaze them: It is not possible to amaze every now and then but you can use small surprises such as flowers or note or lunch. You know what she likes and dislikes. Be innovative!
    2. Give her kiss and hugs: Is your relation at that stage when you can use physical form of affection? You can hug, when your partner meets you after a long day. Display your affection whenever possible because it’s the sweetest gesture and a strong one to hold her hand and let them feel loved even without the use of “LOVE YOU”. Use these at random, so as to increase their importance.Show your love though kiss
  1. Take Interest in their hobbies: their must not be anything boring, you must take initiative to take part in their interest. Sometimes they kill their art or skill for your sake. Show appreciation for someone you love.
  2. Cook for your love: cooking? Not your cup of tea? But you can show your love by making something eatable for your lover and can earn perks for the same. You can pick any recipe that you can easily make and garnish it beautifully.
  3. Do simple favour: Did she forget something that was on the list? No problem, you can complete that thing for them. Demonstrate that you are a reliable lover who can cover her in times of need.
  4. Support them with love: here support is not only encouraging but make you presence count. Give her emotional support, encourage her and Comfort her in times of failure.couple-1008701_1920

True love is hard to find but to convey you love you can do it by simple gestures. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or buy expensive gifts to impress. Love your partner unconditionally and make them feel your love as you feel it for them. As long as you love them, you provide reason to feel protected and happy.

We are here with a mission to create a world of love and that is only possible if you love your environment.