How cool it will be if you can do anything on internet – put your photograph on someone’s webpage, edit their data and edit anything on their webpage in just one click.

Everyone thinks of making a bold impression on internet and guess what – in this article i’ll be showing you the exact trick that you can do to edit any webpage on internet without any technical knowledge, yes, i mean it! Any Website! Including the sites like Google and Facebook.

I have recently owned Facebook ? Seriously, here is the proof of it:

how to edit any webpage on internet through browser

How to edit any webpage on internet?

You can edit this webpage by simply clicking the white button given below to see this trick is working or not.

There is a code behind this button which uses simple java script to edit the webpage.

But i want to edit any other webpage! : If you want to edit other pages like Google, Facebook, your friends profiles on social media ? ; simply drag the white button to that webpage and start editing

The moment you click on to the “Edit this webpage” the webpage that you are currently on, get converted to an editable document, after that do whatever you want to do, move images, add text, generate fake site data, or anything which you can think of; totally depends on your creativity and share that with your friends on social media to see their reactions ?

Instantly edit any webpage on internet:

This is never ending fun, you can play around with this trick anytime but this doesn’t mean that you have to open this blog every time before you start to edit any webpage.

What you can do is to add this link (or JS code) to your bookmark on any of your web browser – it works perfectly on Google chromeMozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and on safari too.

So just visit any webpage and click on that bookmark will let you edit that webpage instantly.

Is this editing is permanent?best way to edit any webpage on internet through browser

The page that you have edited is remain in that form until you reload that page which means it is not permanent – the code creates an exact copy of that website on your browser so that you can do whatever you want to without actually affecting anything on that website.

So for the proof purpose just take out the printout of that webpage, take a screenshot or save that webpage as an HTML document and share it with everybody.

P.S: Do this for entertainment purpose only and not for any black hat activity.

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Be safe and have fun!!