Different Types Of Body :: Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph

Ever noticed that some peoples are born healthy while others don’t, some eats much less than others but are not able to gain weight while other eats much less and gain weight easily, while rest of the peoples are stay fit without doing much efforts. Some poor fellows hits gym every day to see some results while others do lot less efforts and got results stupidly fast.

But you have to understand that human possess different types of body and each body type must be trained accordingly in order to gain muscle or lose fat, and the pattern of exercise must compliment your body type.

How many body types do we have?

There are basically 3 types of body:

  1. Ectomorph  –  naturally lean
  2. Endomorph –  naturally fat body
  3. Mesomorph – naturally muscular

These are the different types of body that is generally found in human beings. This concept of body type is purely based on genetics whether you have directly acquired from your parents or from your grandparents. Now you know about the different body types it’s time to decide how to get the results for your body type.

See if you are putting lot of efforts in gaining or losing weight for a long time and you are not getting any good results, then it is time to change the way you treat your body.



THE LOOK : usually long & lean

DIFFICULTIES : hard to build muscles


  1. Include more proteins in your diet
  2. Train with compound moves
  3. more isolation exercises


  1. do cardio
  2. stress on isolation moves


You have to train with heavy weights so that you can build muscles and get more muscle mass

What to eat:

The main purpose of this type of body is to gain weight, so consume large amount of fat and protein along with moderate amount of carbs. Gaining weight through fat doesn’t mean that you eat everything you find, it simply means to eat healthy food and include lots of fats and proteins in it.



THE LOOK: Pear shaped

DIFFICULTIES: Very hard to lose weight


  1. lots of cardio (almost everyday)
  2. work on your shoulder
  3. not take much carb


  1. do too much crunches
  2. do jogging for hours
  3. drink energetic drink as well as alcohol


You have to do intense cardio along with fat burning & muscle building workout so that you can burn more calories. Calories intake must be less than the amount of calories you burn.

What to eat:

The main purpose of this body type is to lose weight, so try to consume as low carbs and fat as you can and include large amount of protein in your diet. Low carb and fat does not mean that you will not include it, do include it but in less quantity.


THE LOOK: Well built

DIFFICULTIES: No, have high metabolism and responsive muscles


  1. Set goals
  2. train like athletes
  3. have a balanced diet
  4. manage your workout schedule


  1. eat anything you like
  2. make you body chubby
  3. take your body for granted


Do not take your body for granted just because you have athletic body, make it worth by doing proper work out, being consistent with your workout and there must be a balance between calories intake and burn.

What to eat:

Try to have balanced diet by including more protein, and moderate portion of fat and carbohydrate. Do not eat junk foods to store unwanted fat in your belly.