131Do you have any old processor? Or you do not like the name of your processor, like pentium 3, 4 or whatever?! Now give your processor a breath-stopping name like Decacore helical 100 GHz processor, although it is not going to get upgraded, but it is enough to give shock to someone for sure!!

Just follow the trick that i am going to show you and you can start personalizing the name of your processor to anything you like, even the latest processors!

Temporarily Change the name of your processor:

In this section i’ll be showing you how you can change the name of your processor temporarily.

  1. Press windows key + R, to open run.
  2. Now without quotes, type “regedit“.
  3. Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Hardware -> Description -> system -> Central processor
  1. Now double click on processor string name in the work area, then set its name according to what you want and press Enter

You can see the changed name by right clicking on my computer and then open properties , there you can see the new name of your processor.


Now your computer processor’s name is changed temporarily to what you have set. But with this trick you cannot change its name permanently, so every time you start windows you have to change its name.

Permanent change the name of your processor:

After all its our computer we can do whatever we want, we can change the name of processor permanently in a easy way. In this trick:

  1. Go to search and type notepad and open it, yeah this is accomplished through notepad trick
  2. Now paste the code given below to your notepad:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Now in this code you have to edit the part “Your_Processor_Name” to what you want.125



NOTE: the null character ‘\0’ must only be included if it is present in your system in that path. To check whether it is present or not open regedit and follow the same mentioned path (i.e. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> HARDWARE -> DESCRIPTION -> System -> CentralProcessor -> 0), now if your computer doesn’t has the null character then simply remove it from the code.

  1. Now save this file as we normally does, only change the file type to All types and save it as “reg” or *.reg.
  2. Now right click on your desktop and create a new shortcut, and enter the location of this shortcut as “regedit/s “location of the file(.reg)”“.

Lets say in my case i have entered the location as regedit/s “c:\ChangedName.reg”, where is my that drive in which window is installed.

  1. Now copy the created shortcut file (do not cut or move it)
  2. Now, in windows XP go to c:\ -> Documents and Settings -> All Users -> Start Menu -> Program -> Start Up and in windows vista, windows 7 and in windows 8 go to c:\ -> Users -> UserName -> AppData -> Roaming -> Micorsoft -> Start Menu -> Programs -> Startup.

NOTE: By default AppData folder is hidden in windows, so check the show hidden folder in view section. Remember is the drive in which my window is installed, change the drive letter if it installed in some other drive.

  1. Now simply paste that file.

What this file does that it will get executed each and every time you start windows so there is no need to change the name manually again and again.

Now if at any time you want the original name of your processor back then simply delete that file from the above mentioned path.

You can see the name of my processor in the above image tell me in the comment section what is the name of your processor….