How To Boost Your Grades, Real Quick?

How to boost your grades

What makes a child do well in school? If, you go asking this question, then, the most common answers popping out would be: a high IQ, a terrific school, well-run lessons, skilled teachers, a creative curriculum, high expectations. Although all these things help, the real secret of great learning lies elsewhere.

Though intelligent students have an upper hand in succeeding at school, but it’s important, indeed, to know that academics are not everything to grasp classroom success. Now, I would like to brief you about how to actually boost your grades in a short span, with the certain personal traits that can really help you, along your academic life, and will definitely end up boosting your grades.

  1. Resilience

Ever, heard of it before? So, here it goes. It is the ability to bounce back after disappointment. For years, resilience has been known to be, essential for great learning. Martin Seligman , The US psychology professor who did study this extensively, show that, it helps children think more flexibly and realistically, be more creative. Non-Resilient people will be like, (“I’ve failed my physics test, it’s a disaster. I’ll never get physics!”) and they do differ from the Resilient ones, and don’t let mistakes head up into catastrophes (“Ugh, that was a horrible test, and I did screw up, but I didn’t put much effort. Next time, I will end up with a better conclusion. ”)

Another example, is like , instead of thinking that we might never understand calculus, we can remind us about the other lucrative learning sources present around like Khan Academy.

  1. Curiosity

Now, what actually defines curiosity, is simply the desire to learn more. As brilliantly stated by, Bernard Baruch, “Curiosity is what millions people saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked why”. Curious students want to learn how things work, what is the actual concept behind it, how a particular thing gets implemented. Curious students, have an instinct within them, to not only learn more, but also to explore new ideas and concepts. Students, who lack curiosity often struggle, when it comes to think intellectually or analysing some concept. And, even if you’re not a curious student, you can inculcate that trait within you by developing new productive hobbies and interests.

  1. Fearlessness

Fearlessness, goes hand in hand with curiosity. If you’re a fearless student, you’re willing to try out the new risks, the new ideas and freely contest your thoughts and opinions. Fearlessness enables students to do unbelievable things, and most importantly, it incites you to live your life boldly. Fearlessness, actually means nothing is holding you back. When you remove fear, confidence tends to emerge. Confidence, is believing in a positive result. Even Gandhi, Father of the Nation, emphasized on this by spreading his word, “Be truthful, gentle and fearlessness” .

Opportunities only pay off if you’re willing to take them, which you can do by losing your fear and picking up the confidence. The next time you’re struggling with confidence, think about what you’re most afraid of, and attack the root. Then you can move forward!

  1. Persuasiveness

Now, this one is quite tricky, and one more thing, it has nothing to do with manipulation. So, here it is, can be stated as the umbrella term for influence .And, the sole reason you should cling to this trait, is , persuasive people are purposeful people, and they acknowledge credibility as no one else do. A Scottish philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, nailed it by saying: “Not brute force, but, only persuasion and faith are the kings of this world” .

Persuasiveness involves using enthusiasm, communication skills, and hard evidence to get others to subscribe to your ideas and beliefs.

  1. Leadership

Fear not:  if you aren’t  a member of some council in your college or some major society. Leadership isn’t always defined by the specific void one fills. More often, it is defined by how one handles and respond to the situation. Now, I would like to list out few things, that a leader carry out very well :

  • When a problem occurs, they focus on solutions and rather play the blame game.
  • They acknowledge responsibilities even if it was someone else’s fault.
  • They give credit to others wherever it’s due
  • They encourage others, and carry them along
  • They ask for help

Overall, good leadership entails maturity and a prior need to be fair as far as possible.

So, I hope it was pretty much clear, on how to boost your grades, real fast. Indeed, by developing these personal traits.

The point? If you try hard enough, you’ll develop good qualities.  ’ And it’s not just your academics that will thank you for – ‘you’ll thank yourself for it.’