By this time everyone knows how to add & remove friends, update status, upload videos/images, deactivating account, add follow buttonrecover deleted data etc. etc. but in this article i am going to share some cool Facebook tricks and hacks that you might not know.

The Facebook tricks that i have provided below is as cool as Google tricks, so follow along guys!!


There are no requirement for these Facebook tricks, however it is good to use Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser for better experience. In any trick if i have used any extension then you can install it directly from the provided link ?

List of Facebook tricks & hacks:

1) Convert your Facebook profile into a Facebook page

Do you know that you can convert your Facebook profile into a Facebook page ? Just follow the below steps to convert:

  • Open Profile to page migration
  • Select a category for your page, select sub category and fill out necessary information
  • Now check the box next to I agree to Facebook pages Terms
  • Get started with your page.

By default Facebook convert your Profile image to account image and your followers & friends as the peoples who have liked your page.

secret facebook codes

2) Find out who unfriended you on Facebook

Want to get notification every time your friend(s) unfriends you? Then download an extension which will create a tab of “Lost friends” which tells you who unfriended you and how many of them.

You can also try social fixer which works on Firefox too.

facebook tricks and secrets

3) Download videos from Facebook for free

There are lots of pages and peoples who posts some amazing video which we want to  save for later purpose. Facebook does not allow users to download any video, so for that – we use a free video downloader, called FBDown. The best part about FBDown.net is that we don’t have to download any software or something, all you need is to provide a link of video (by right clicking on video and copy link address) and then paste in the given space and click download which will ask you to choose quality of video.

cool facebook tricks and secrets

4) Change default Facebook theme to a cool theme

We all know Facebook doesn’t allow us to change the default theme, but it is possible to change themes on Facebook through simple Facebook tricks. After changing theme of Facebook it looks something like this:

facebook tricks 2015There are bunch of themes available from which you can choose anything you like. Want to know more about how to change Facebook theme? Get complete information here

5) Fool your friends with dynamic profile link

There are some secret Facebook codes which allow us to do some unusual things, out of which there is one code which when clicked – opens the profile of the user who clicked on it. So you can fool your friends by posting anything on their wall or your wall which includes some rude/mean words and ask them to visit the below link ?


Speciality of this link is that it looks like it is the profile of someone but it redirects the user to their own profile page, cool isn’t it? This is because – ID parameter is missing from above link.

6) Generate fake status, likes & comments

Want to troll your friends or celebrities? Then visit thewallmachine and connect your facebook account with it. With the help of The Wall Machine you can generate fake commentors, likers for your status in your own way. Check out below example:

facebook secret codes hidden

7) Stay undetected while reading messages in chat

While chatting with someone – the other person can see whether or not you have seen the message which creates problem sometimes, like you are busy in something, you’ve read their message and forget to reply. Now this person could be your friend, client or anyone and may lead to difficult situation. So in order to remain undetected, what you can do is to download an extension called Facebook unseen.

Facebook unseen for Google chrome

Facebook unseen for Firefox

8) Remove sponsored post or advertisements from Facebook timeline

Whenever we open news feed first thing we always encountered is ads and sponsored links which sometimes are bit annoying. Want to remove those ads? Then install extension for your browser which blocks those ads and sponsored links completely.

Download Ad-Block for Firefox

facebook tricks and secrets

9) Make your profile pic unclickable

When you make your profile unclikable; no one will be able to click on your profile picture nor they can comment or even like your profile picture.

For making your profile pic unclickable follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook timeline and click on your profile pic
  2. Now click edit and set visibility option to only me
  3. Click on Done editing
10) Turn Facebook chat on or off for specific peoples

By using advanced chat setting you can choose to whom you want to see on Facebook chat and/or become visible to selective friends only.facebook hacks

Turn on chat for few friends:

1. Click on the settings icon of chat sidebar

2. Then click to open Advanced settings

3. Now select “Turn on chat for only some friends…

4. Now enter names of those friends to whom you want to see on chat bar

Turn on chat for all friends except few:facebook hacks tricks

1. Click on the settings icon of chat sidebar

2. Then click to open Advanced settings

3. Now select “Turn off chat for all friends excepts…

4. Now enter names of your friends to whom you want to turn chat off

11) View full size private profile photos

As we all know that Facebook doesn’t allow us to see any photo of those peoples who are not in our friends list we are not even allowed to see their profile pic, but with a secret Facebook code you will be able to see their full profile image.

  1. Right click on the profile picture of the person you wish to view and click on open image in new tab
  2. Now from URL – remove “s160X160” and type “cxx.xx.xx.xx” then hit enter to see their full profile image.
12) Change posted via Facebook text

Whenever we post something on Facebook through our mobile – a link of “posted via” is created at bottom. You can change this posted via to something cool innovative or even funny – like – posted via Titanic/posted via refrigerator/posted via telepathy etc. If you like to change it then visit fbstatusvia.com and update that link to anything you want.

facebook tricks and secrets 2015

13) Change fonts on Facebook status

Facebook provides only one font for updating status, but still we can use any 3rd party services to change that font. Visit this cool website and type the status you want to update, then copy the type of font you like and paste it in your Facebook status box and click post.

facebook secret tricks

14) Post empty blank status on Facebook

Facebook does not allow us to post a blank status but what to do if we don’t have any idea for new interesting Facebook status, and when you try to post a blank status – this is what pops up:

hidden facebook status codes

But we can trick out Facebook by posting a null character – which is nothing but a blank space ? For that:

Just hold Alt and press 0 1 7 3

It will look something like this:

hidden facebook status codes

NOTE: Make sure your Num lock is on!!

This this hidden Facebook trick works perfectly but if in any case it does not work for you then type: @[0:0: ] – it will post a blank status.

15) Flip Facebook status

Give your status a funky look by turning them upside down! I am damn sure that your friends will tilt their heads too trying to read your status. You can have fun with this trick, just go to this website – make your status upside down status and/or produce backward effect.Cool Facebook tricks and hacks

These are the best Facebook tricks till date. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and make sure to join us on Facebook