Command prompt is the most amazing feature of windows ; but no one finds it useful and so it is most neglected part of windows OS, this is because of Graphics User Interface (GUI), which is more cooler way to interact with operating system, so it feels boring to work on commands of command prompt.

But, the command prompt tricks that I am going to show you will makes you realize that command prompt is not useless, and you can do various cool things on it.

All the tricks that I am going to discuss are working flawlessly on Windows 8.1 and all previous versions of Windows.

1.       Watch ASCII version of Star Wars

ASCII version of Star warsYou have probably seen star wars movie somewhere, and you can also see the ASCII version of this movie in your Command prompt. What, surprised? You can watch full star wars episode IV on you command prompt by writing small code on it. Read complete instructions here…

2.      Matrix falling code effect

best command prompt tricksHave you ever watched “The Matrix”? I know you have. And now I think you have little idea about what I am going to tell you, if not, then look at this image! You can use this command prompt trick with few lines of code. To create this effect go to this post…

3.      Make undeletable/ unrenameable folders

create undeletable and unrenamable foldersHow many times you accidentally deletes folder in computer, or someone else deletes your folder just to tease you? Now, you can create a folder which neither be deleted nor be renamed (, I don’t know why this line reminds me the definition of atoms: that are neither be created nor be destroyed..) anyways, you can learn how to create these folders in this post.

4.      Funny ways for shutting down your computer system

It would be fun if your computer say I don’t want to work anymore because I am tiered, wouldn’t it? You can any funny reasons for your PC by reading these instructions…

5.      Collect details about your internet connection: IP address, DNS server and a lot more

With a small command on command prompt, you can actually check all the details about your internet connection. Just type ipconfig/all,then hit enter, it will show all the details like DNS server, IP address, your host name, node type, wins proxy, primary DNS suffix, whether IP routing, your physical MAC address etc. etc.

6.      Check who is stealing your WIFI

If someone is using your WIFI and using it, then your command prompt can let you know with these simple steps:

  • Just type or in the address bar of your browser(address depends on the router you are using)
  • Click on the advance tab or attached devices tab
  • Using the command prompt trick number 5, find your computer IP address, name and MAC address
  • Now compare the information you find on advance tab in above step with the information you got from command prompt, if any other devices are connected then you must change your password as someone else is using you internet too

7.      Check if someone is hacking your computer or not

best command prompt tricksIf someone is stealing your data by connecting to your computer then command prompt can tell you that also. For this, you have to open command prompt then type netstat –a , then command prompt will return list of computer that are connected to your compute.

PROTO column: type of data transmission (i.e. TCP/UDP)

LOCAL address: port with which your computer is connected to external computer

STATE: state of connection (whether established or timed out)

I hope you will find something useful in this post.