According to the policy of Google, it provides its engineers 20% of working time in which they can do anything they want to do and most of the crazy engineers utilize this time by inventing something cool and innovative stuff on Google search engine.

Most of the Google search engine tricks are hidden from outside world but there is always an employee who shares this stuff outside to let other people know about it.

So i have included the list of Google search engine tricks & secrets that are still working and are very interesting.Hidden google search engine tricks

List of Hidden Google Search Engine Tricks

Google in 1998:

Have you ever wonder what Google use to look like in past ? If not, then Do a quick search of “Google in 1998”, it will take you to the homepage of Google where you will see the old look of Google.

Bacon number “Actor_name”:

Most of peoples know a popular Hollywood actor, Kevin Bacon who once stated that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood. Tons of websites were launched on this phrase, by seeing the immense response Kevin started a charitable website and named it as six degrees, which is based on logic that everyone that worked with Kevin through a chain of six Acquaintances or less. So, the actor gets more degrees if he is more distant from his movies in terms of peoples in the chain of Acquaintances.

Now if you search for Bacon number with by appending an actor name at the end of this phrase then you will see a bacon number of that person. For example if you search for Bacon number Taylor swift, it will show you a bacon  number of 2.

Zerg rush:

Ever seen the attacking side of Google? If not, then search for this phrase in Google to see how the two O’s of Google starts to attack the result page.These two O’s attacks results one by one until all the results in result page gets finished, you can also see the health bar on the right corner of the results.

Your aim is to eliminate as many O’s as you can for which you will be awarded with points. You can also share your score on Google+best Google easter eggs

Conway’s game of life:

Conway’s game of life is based on the fact that how a cellular life evolves, grounded on initial configuration. If you search for Conway’s game of life in Google search engine then it will show the result page with game running on background.

Google for “holidays”:

Google will return you a decorated page with items according to the holiday you have chosen. So for example, you have searched “Google for Halloween” then Google search engine will return you a decorated page with items related to Halloween.

But the decorated page only showed up in the results if the festival is near!!

Tilt or Askew:

Have you ever searched Tilt or Askew ? If you haven’t tried it yet, then do it now, searching any of the word in Google search engine will tell you the exact meaning. But keep in mind that these will work on the browsers that support HTML5, so try this in Google chrome or in Mozilla Firefox.

Binary, octal & hexadecimal number system:

This is one of the cool Google easter egg, which is when you search; shows a result page with number of results in number system form. Like i have searched for Hexadecimal, then Google will return a result page of something like this:hidden google easter eggs and tricksFor this Google trick you have to disable search plus your world.

Do a Barrel roll:

When you search for “Do a barrel roll” then Google will take you to a result page which is rotating in 360 that is enough to make you understand the meaning of barrel roll.


Google will show its word playing skills when you search for this word in Google. When you search Anagram Google instantly shows Did you mean – Nag A ram which is nothing but anagram of the word “anagram“. You can also do a search for Define anagram to see what Google will brought you in its search result page. These two are also comes under “did you mean” easter eggs!!


When you done a typing mistake in Google search engine then Google will correct that word in “Did you mean” feature, which is good for most of peoples and if you click that link on Did you mean link then it will search for the correct word or phrase.

Now if you search for Recursion in Google search then you will find that word with same spelling in Did you mean link which when you click bought you the same page again and again, thus justifying the meaning of recursion.hidden google easter eggs

The loneliest number:

Have you ever come across the loneliest number? Then do a Google search for it, in which Google calculator gives you the answer. It basically the easter egg of Google calculator, and a tribute to the song “one” of Hary nilsson

Number of horns in a Unicorn:

I know that everyone knows how much horns are there in a unicorn, right?! But if you want to know that Google knows it or not then just search the phrase in Google and see what Google calculator brings you the result.

cool google tricksOnce in a blue moon:

Can you imagine how much is “once in a blue moon” ? NO?! Google can tell its exact value but in Hertz rather than in time when you search this phrase in Google. You will wonder how big is the value you just found.

Answer to ultimate question of life, the universe and everything:

Google has answers to each and every questions, and so does the question about life and universe! So you can type the phrase “answers to ultimate question of life, the universe and everything” on Google search engine to see what Google brings you.

You might get surprise with the answer you find but no worries you can ask me in the comment section why so?

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These engineers are stupidly creative and i guess they definitely amazed you, didn’t they?