airtel 4G Airtel is now sending smart SIM to new 4G users. Smart SIM refers to a SIM that can be inserted in any phone by little adjustments.

Airtel is rolling out its 4G and testing signal quality. Most premium postpaid customers are getting calls for their 4G upgrade whether they want to shift to 4G.

Follow these steps and 4G is yours:

  1. You will be receiving a message to be a part of new trial. Those who don’t then go for the Airtel 4G SIM swap page and request for new sim.
  2. As soon as request is processed , Airtel will deliver smart sim at your address in several hours.
  3. To upgrade, send 20-digit SIM number present at back of your fresh sim card to 121 from your old sim. After your request is approved, select 1 to confirm.
  4. Within some time the new service will be activated and services on your old sim will stop. As it happens, the network bar disconnects then insert new SIM and wait for the network to show up.
  5. Few seconds past, you should get a message with new internet settings. BOOM! 4G service is ready to go.

confirmation airtel 4G SIM

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You can look for new airtel 4G SIM with new 4G handset at Flipkart.

You can enjoy 4G speed at your 3G plans.

If you want you can order online for a new Airtel 4G sim click here.

FAQ’s :

Ques: Do I have to pay processing fee?

Ans: No, if you are an airtel customer you only have to send a message SIM <19 or 20 DIGIT Sim number> to 121 * .

*Toll-Free Airtel customer care number.

Ques: How much time will it take to get on airtel 4G?

Ans: after the message a confirmation will be received, letting you know when to swap your new sim.

Ques: Will it work in my non-4G handset?

Ans: Yes, the new airtel 4G sim will work in any device.

Ques: How to get airtel 4G sim?

Ans: If you have purchased a new smartphone (lenovo a6000 plus or redmi note 4G) you will get free sim swap along with the device. Or you can get from official airtel website.

Ques: Whats new in Airtel 4G sim?

Ans: The signal strength increases, the speed of browsing increased, you can enjoy your data pack of 3G at speed of 4G.

You can also contact your nearest Airtel retail store.

Be a part of 4G trial in your city.